Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photo readings

One of the lessons we learned with JVP was psychometry. It is taking an object, jewelry, or a picture and placing it in your hands and doing a reading. I especially enjoy reading someone this way.

Last night my husband comes home with a picture. His hands all over it and he asked me to read it. I told him to lay it down and to place it inside a magazine laying on the table. I mentioned to him that the next time he wanted me do this for someone. To ask that person to place it inside an envelope. So to not get anyone else's energy on it. Because of the possibility of me reading that person. In this case, my husband. I let the picture lay inside the magazine until this morning.

I got my first cup of coffee. Without looking at the picture I placed it in my hands and said to my husband ok I am ready to read this picture. My husband hurriedly looked around for paper and pen to write down what I said. Now that in itself can be sometimes difficult because I begin and depending on the energy I can go fast. So to write as I quickly as I'm getting information is not easy.

I cannot share with you what I "saw". But I can tell you that previously this person has seen to other card readers and what I "saw". So had they. My husband told me what he knew about the previous card readings and how I had also seen what the client's card readings had. My husband waited about an hour after we talked about it and called his friend.

The friend validated what I saw about him that had already happened and is anxiously waiting for the outcome of what I saw for his the future.