Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do I do a reading?

Have you ever given or received a reading?

I've received two readings one in person and one over the phone. The first one was a card reading. At the end of that reading she told me I had been burned by the stake in a previous life. I had already knew it intuitively. She said if I wanted to do a past life regression she could do it. I chose not to at that time.

My second reading was over the phone with Sylvia Browne. I waited 3 years for that reading. Have any of you had a reading by her? I would love to hear about it. I got a phone call from her assistant in December to let me know that my name had finally come up to the top. Her rate had increased from $600 for a half hour to $800 for a half hour and was I still interested? I took a deep breath it was December I thought I don't want to spend $800 for a reading right now. You must pay before they will book the appointment. I must be loca, crazy. I booked it.

Her assistant called again before the reading to let me know that there were a few questions I couldn't ask her. One I couldn't ask her to find anything lost. Second, I couldn't ask her to find anyone missing. Ok that wasn't one of my questions, good. But he told me to write down as many questions as you could think of. So I carried around a tablet and was always thinking about questions to ask? In February I spoke to Sylvia Browne. As far as I'm concerned she is the best in the Psychic Business, Amazing!

I've been asked a few times recently how do I do a reading so I wanted to address it on my blog.

I also accept payment when scheduling an appointment. My sister arranges all of my appointments. I also do not answer two questions, I will not tell you whether you or anyone you know has a terminal illness and whether someone is dying. I don't do this because I don't want to cause people G*d awful pain. I don't charge enough to do that, plus I am not a doctor.

I do my reading with the use of the computer. Using Instant Messenger, email and sometimes I will do a reading over the phone. My Spirit Guide directs me as to which way will work best for my client.

On the day of the reading I may get visits from loved ones who have crossed over anxious to communicate with my client. I will get names and pictures in my mind's eye while communicating with loved ones who have passed. I write it down so as not to forget. (They will not go away until after the reading and seriously won't let me forget. Sometimes while I am out and about and not doing a reading I will get visits from spirits that want to communicate. They can be annoying and loud.)

I will start the reading with the messages from a loved one or two. I will ask you if this is familiar to you. I will ask questions about what I'm getting in order for me to make sure that I have connected to your energy. I will be directed by my spirit guide to your spirit guide. In doing this I can "see" what is going on in your world. After I am done telling you what I "see", I will ask you if you have any questions. I will answer them as I'm being guided by spirit.

During the reading Spirit might bring up friends and family in your life who have issues. I may ask to communicate to your friends or family for spirit. If this is the case I do not charge for that. It will be up to you to communicate with your friend or family member that I would like to give them a reading.

I enjoy receiving feedback from my clients. They will email me to say I met that guy, I got pregnant, now what am I having etc... I have to say I don't retain the reading on the computer or in my head. So when I said oh Did I tell you that you were going to meet someone I apologize to you that I don't remember it. But I am always appreciative for your feedback.

I love doing readings. I always thank my spirit guides and the spirits who have crossed over. I hope this helps you to understand How I do a reading.

P.S. The more open you can be during a reading from any "psychic, medium, seer" the easier it is for the energy to flow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Predicting Babies

Now what the heck am I going to write about on predicting babies. (I had to go through my older posts to see if I had written about this before, ok I hadn't.)

I haven't always been able to "see" babies coming. I think it started with the first and second predictions in 2006.

I've been 98% accurate on the babies coming (Angie is still waiting and Heather's step son had a baby, I thought it was Heather, I'm chalking it up as I was wrong). 80% accurate on the sex of the baby.

Melissa, I was correct on sex of two babies
Wendy, I was correct on sex of one baby. I don't remember if I predicted Brandon?
Valerie, I was correct on sex of one baby
Michael, I was not correct on sex of baby
John, I was correct on sex of two babies
Dave, I was not correct on sex of baby
Sonia, I was correct on sex of one baby
Wes' daughter, I was correct on sex of one baby

The list above are a few people whom I predicted would have a baby and the sex of the baby before the woman was pregnant.

How do I do that? I get a "look, thought, picture, feeling, vibration, or as I really like to call them a "swish", all predictions are within a year.

I thought I had a Baby Prediction chart on the side bar of this blog. I think I lost it when I got a new background. So I've posted it again. Yes I have two predictions posted on it.

Now if you're one of the people I've mentioned in this post. I would seriously love for you to leave a comment. Please don't be shy. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another story...

As I sit here enjoying my second cup of coffee on a Saturday morning my spirit guide wants me to tell another story. I feel that I just want to be quiet and not write about the other side of me. My spirit guide won't go away so I'm writing...

Once in my working lifetime history I was not working. I think that it lasted maybe a month. I quit a job because I couldn't stand to work for the woman boss any longer. I didn't interview for this position. Three coworkers and I were taken from a job where the company went under to this new company. My husband and I worked for the same company that closed after 100+ years in business. He was unemployed and I should have been grateful I had a job. We had two boys in a private christian school, a mortgage, new motor home and new car. It was 1988.

I was alone in my house getting ready to go to a job interview. I was sitting at my makeup table curling my eyelashes. My eyes went blurry and I blinked and blinked but couldn't focus. Out of the corner of my bedroom appeared a ball of light. As it came towards me it got bigger and bigger. I sat there blinking and blinking so I could focus. The light came closer. I rubbed my eyes and still the light was there. I was frozen in my chair. What is this light? I wanted to know. I sat there.

Then the phone rang I got up and left the room. The phone was in the kitchen I answered it, it was my Mom. I told her the story about the light in my room, she answered me with if it was a Good spirit it won't touch you. If it's a bad spirit it will try to touch you.

I hung up the phone and grabbed my purse. My mom scared the hell out of me. I left my house. I didn't know whether or not the light was a good spirit or bad spirit.

February of this year I had a reading by Sylvia Browne. I asked her about "the Light".
It was my Spirit Guide.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you curious?

Are you curious about when did I know that I had grown up and could communicate with spirit? It has been a life long journey and the first time that I really started was in 2000=2001. I began a new job, 8 to 5 and less stress. I started making my own jewelry so my creative side of my brain was once again flowing.

John Edward had TV show called Crossing Over (I think) and that show fascinated me. Watching him connect to the other side and making people cry, especially me just felt right to me. I knew I could do this and I wanted too.

John Edward's website click here

I purchased his set of CDs If you are seriously interested in developing your psychic ability I recommend them.

I would meditate in the morning before getting up to go to work. My body would become so numb during the meditation, but I found that I could connect to spirit this way. I would also listened to John Edward's CDs every day driving to and from work. A friend at work, Wendy was open and supportive of my ability. She also enjoyed watching John Edward's Crossing Over TV show.

Shortly after purchasing the CDs, I connected to a friend of Wendy's who had crossed over during child birth. Her name is Stacy and she told me that her husband had remarried and was expecting a child, a boy. The boy was the spirit that she had lost. Wendy was fascinated with this and reconnected to Jami, Stacy's sister. They did not believe that Stacy's husband would remarry. It took a day or two but Jami was able to contact Stacy's husband. He had remarried! Yes! his wife was pregnant. Later to find out it was a boy.

I had little to no support from anyone else, a lonely journey that I didn't want to many people to know about because I didn't want people to think I was crazy. Until I went to my first James Van Praagh basic mediumship class in Laguna Beach, CA. His class had a limit of 100 people. We learned to meditate and protect ourselves. I learned that I wasn't alone and I was ok, I wasn't crazy. I left that weekend feeling that I no longer cared what people thought of me and it was ok to be wrong.

The following day I went with Wendy to see John Edward's show in Sacramento. There were thousands of people and only a few got a reading. We weren't one of them either. But it was very enjoyable to see him in person.

Stay tuned for more stories about my journey...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where is my crystal?

Where is my crystal? I found it. I keep this one separate from the rest. After touching these crystals and now touching my laptop. Well my laptop is freaking out.

This is my meditating crystal. Well it used to be. I no longer use any crystals or cards. But I keep them around me. This one has 3 rainbows in it.

While my children were enrolled at a christian school learning that I was "evil". Knowing that I was a loving mother. I was passionate about crystals, runes, sage, incense. I collected crystals and crystal jewelry. My youngest son eventually threw away many of my Life after Death and meditating books, incense, runes. My crystals weren't in his way. Even to this day he doesn't see a need for what I do and doesn't want to hear about it. I respect that.

Rose Quartz, the heart crystal. You hold this crystal with two hands and pour your heart into it. Then you hand it to someone with your right hand (I believe). When they hold it they will fill up with the love you have. Crystals have the power to pulsate your hands and even the room you're standing in.
Once over a friend's house she had a rose quartz sitting on her mantel. I held in my hands and handed it to her. She could feel the energy from the beautiful rose quartz. She had many more crystals and we enjoyed the energy from each one. The room we were in began to pulsate and we became scared so we stopped. I wasn't sure how or why that happened, I just figured it was from the crystals.

I recognize one to be an amethyst quartz crystal. Can anyone tell me what the others are? I can't locate my crystal bible.
I traded all my crystal jewelry for a large brandy glass where I hold the majority of my collection. I keep it by a large window in my living room. Many of my larger crystals sit on the windowsill.

The large brandy glass of crystals attracts little children. They love to touch the stones. It's interesting to see the ones they choose to hold. Each stone has a meaning for your body, mind and spirit. It's very interesting.

I purchased this deck and have enjoyed giving many people readings. But I always felt with this deck that a person didn't need me. This deck comes with a book. Whatever cards match, you just read the card's meaning from the book. With that said, it was amazing how accurate the matches were. Very entertaining at parties.

Like I said I don't use the crystals, cards, runes any more. I now just "see", "listen" to my guides. I still on occasion will burn incense and sage. Why? To remove the energy of people who have been in my house.

Yet another story about my life's journey to who I am today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am a 'Seer'

I created a necklace that I inspired because I am a Seer. I call myself a Seer, a Listener because I see pictures and hear thoughts in my mind that come from spirit.

I am a Seer - N100209 Available today on my website,

Look for many more jewelry items inspired by the "Seer" in me. ;)

Indians are circling

Indians are circling the bed and I can't sleep.

One weekend we spent the night at my Husband's cousin house. We slept in her spare bedroom. I was totally unaware of any spirit activity in her house. She never mentioned it. I can't recall if we had ever talked about paranormal activity.

This particular night after enjoying a wonderful day in the sun, bbq and hot tub. We went to bed. My husband falls fast asleep. I'm anxious to sleep but I keep having to get up and go to the bathroom. Finally I doze off and am awaken by a tribe of Indians circling the bed. I know you're thinking I'm a nut job! I'm awake and I have to go pee once again. So I ask them (mentally) if it is ok to walk through their circle to go to the bathroom. For some unexplained reason I'm not afraid. In the distance I can hear their drums beating. Certainly is strange! (This February I was told by psychic Sylvia Browne that I was a Shaman in a previous life. A whole other story to post at a later time.)

The next morning I couldn't wait to chat with her. She did in fact know that there were spirits in her spare bedroom. Her daughter in law had sensed them. She didn't know if I would, YES!! and I didn't like it. She also recalled once she slept in their and felt a heavy presence on her chest and it made it hard for her to get up out of the bed. Now I've heard that happening alot.

Needless to say we never slept overnight in her house again. Last time we went for a visit that room was more of a storage room. Great idea!

Now this may sound like I've lost all my marbles and then some. But I just want to share stories of my experiences before it dawned on me that I grew up to be one of those people and you can too!

I'm sure that you have stories and you thought it was your imagination, well guess what it might NOT have been. We're all born with this gift. Many of us lose it as a child. Some of us have stronger degrees of it then others. Yes you can get it back.

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I did not think

I would grow up and communicate with spirit.

As a child I thought my brother was always hiding in the closet. He would come out of it when I was lying in bed about to fall asleep and I would get scared. He was a practical joker that way and still is. It was not him.

I always knew that when we went to sleep our spirit would and did leave our bodies and back to the spirit world it would go. But as far as being psychic or communicating with spirit I wasn't aware that I could or even wanted too. I just knew I had a wild imagination and would tell stories to my nieces at bed time that would put them to sleep.

As a teenager, I remember going to my sister in law's house and meeting a girl friend of hers who was psychic telling me that I was. I never really thought about it much afterwards either. I didn't want to be psychic. I thought that was for the summer fairs. Those people were wierd. I just knew that I was very sensitive. I cried very easily and didn't care who teased me about it.

As an adult I loved crystals. I would meditate with them. One time my husband read how to meditate with crystals to me. Walking me through it. I went inside the crystal (yea I know that sounds crazy) as the meditation progressed I was suppose to open my eyes, which I did and there stood Moses. (Now you really think I've lost it?) I still have that crystal and Moses is there like an engraving.

The first night back at home from having my second child. I was lying in a twin bed in my baby's room asleep. My husband's mother showed up in the early dawn. I felt her presence in the room and it woke me up. I never physically met her. She had died from breast cancer before I knew my husband. She had come to visit her only grand child. I wasn't scared but after she was longer in the room I screamed for my husband. He came and thought I had just been dreaming.

A year later on my son's one year old birthday we took him to Chuck e Cheese. I remember we had a few balloons lingering in his room days after the celebration. My husband and I had been up talking in the living room reminiscing about the past. When I said remember last year when your mother stopped in for a visit. When suddenly one of the balloons in my son's room POPPED for no reason. Oh yes my husband had all kinds of scientific reasons (he is not a scientist) for it all of a sudden at that moment popping. I know it was his mother.

My search for spirituality continued with reading many books. I loved going to stores that sold crystals and candles and tarot cards etc.

to be continued....

I am looking to interview psychics, mediums, seers etc. Please let me know if you are interested.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Was it a lucky guess....

Let me back up before going forward. On September 11, 2009 I wrote about an orb. A picture that I took in a house we were staying in while at a golf tournament. I had reason to believe that there was a spirit in this house. The picture of the orb confirmed it for me. I blogged about it on that day.

Today I received a comment from JAM with a link to a picture that she had with an orb. Here is the conversation between JAM and me.

Jam said" I take lots of digital pictures and that has happened to me on a few occasions. I've always been annoyed that they usually have wrecked a good picture. I never knew what caused it.

Check out a post that I had with a picture of an orb. (2nd picture down) Do you think it was dust on my camera... or a spirit? We were talking about people who had died. Okay, now I'm a little freaked out!

(Jam gave me the link to her blog where the picture was posted and has allowed me to tell this interesting little story.)

Here is my reply to her after looking at the picture. "Jam, Has your mother passed? I'm feeling it is a maternal female, like your mother." I've looked at orbs in pictures before. Recently a co-worker shared photos that had a rain shower full of orbs which I will share on another day. This was the first time I was getting any "feelings" about an Orb.

She replied with, "Raquel, thanks for answering so quickly. My mom is still around and no one close to me has passed recently. The couple (pictured) were old friends of my husband's who were over for dinner that night. The gentleman to the left of the orb had recently lost his daughter AND his ex-wife. We were talking about both of them that evening.

Are orbs good energy or bad?

Well I thought to myself I do not know. What a very good question. Does anyone have any comment about that question?

Then I heard in my 3rd eye hole (that is what I call the place where I receive messages from Spirit) the name Carly, Karen, Carol was being told to me to relay to JAM about who was the Orb.

Ok so that everyone understands where I'm at and what's going on.

There was a time when I was "afraid" to share my messages because I didn't want to be wrong. I also didn't want people to think I was nuts. I'm over it, thanks to James Van Praagh mediumship classes and so many spirits who I have communicated with and relayed messages to their loved ones.

Everyday I protect and ground myself. At the moment this was happening I was in my office working on reconciling bank accounts. I work in an accounting department to make a living. However I am passionate about designing and selling jewelry, House of Raquel and this blog is the other side of me. The "seer". I was not prepared to communicate with spirit while I was at my office. It's easier to "see, hear, feel" when I prepare myself with breathing exercises to open myself up to it. Having said that, let me continue.

Here is my next email, "Does the name Carly Karen Carol ring a bell to you?"

Here is Jam's reply, "Carly Karen Carol does not ring a bell. But "Karen" does.

Karen holds a very dear, dear place in my heart. She is my husband's cousin who passed away in 2005 from breast cancer at the age of 51. An amazing and caring woman who is missed by so many...

I found another picture with an orb. Not as large and not as visible. It's a picture of my sister (on the left) and me (on the right). The small orb is to the left of me.

To all of you reading this, Have you looked at your photos lately. Do you notice an Orb and wondered what the heck is that? Your loved ones who have crossed over are still around you. Do you feel them?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos - The Day of the Dead

I've only celebrated one of these days several years ago, I'm thinking in 2003 over at my cousin Ana's house in El Sobrante. Ana told me that there would be an altar and to bring photos of those who had passed away.

Today I do it again with this blog. I wasn't sure what the really meaning of the day is, just my interpretation.

To me, it's a day to remember family members who have crossed over and to celebrate their lives while on earth with us. So in 2003 I made a treasure chest because I will treasure them for the rest of my life. As I'm writing this tears are streaming day my face.

I went outside this morning and took my treasure chest out there with me, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee I opened it up, one by one I took out each photo and thought about that person and what they meant to me in my life. I guess one day I will end up as a photo, I guess we all will.

Here are my photos:

A treasure chest of my family who have crossed over.

Mary Hawks Bernard (sister in law)
B-November 21, 1941
D-January 10, 1962
Gilbert Hernandez - cousin
B- August 18, 1957
D-March 16, 1974
Refugio Hernandez - Maternal Grandfather
B- January 1, 1899
D-August 22, 1932
Lorenzo Amaral - My Father
B- November 12, 1926
D -March 8, 1962
Antonio Mojico Amaral - My Paternal Grandfather
B - October 11, 1868
D - October 4, 1939

Raquel Saldivar Amaral - My Paternal Grandmother and whom I was named after.
B- November 21, 1888
D-November 1, 1960
Jess Bowman Roysdon - Father in Law Agatha Susan Meo Roysdon - Mother in Law
B - March 26, 1912 B-July 28, 1914
D- December 29, 1993 D-February ?, 1977
Josefa Orozco - My Maternal Grandmother
B - September 22, 1897
D- August 24, 1958
Tony Orozco - My Uncle
B-May 4, 1923
D-Sept 8, 2000
The orange tags (photos I need to put in here)
Mario Camargo - D-August 13, 2002 (cousin)
Helen Barone Amato B- Sept 16, xxxx D-March 28, 2000 (Nana)
Diane Keiser B-September 14, 1934 D - December 21, 1999 (Grandmother to Jennie's kids)
Jose Manual Amaral B-February 28, 1924 D-May 14, 1988 (Uncle)
Laura Hernandez Villa B-April 24, 1929 D-September 30, 2003 (Aunt)

Mary Hernandez Orozco B-November 8, 1922 D-October 11, 2004 (Aunt)
Jess Orozco B-May 10, 1931 - August 31, 2009 (Uncle)

Hay - Our cat who passed away this year.

To all my loved ones who have passed I celebrate YOU today.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Each year the company I work for has an Annual golf tournament. All employees are invited along with clients and associates of the company. We usually stay at the Lake Tulloch resort, but fortunately this year they rented a house for the female employees.

Here is the rented house we stayed at in Copperopolis. We (co-workers) were visited by a spirit that I couldn't communicate with but wanted to disturb our tranquility.

Four of us were sitting in the top level front room of this house on the sofa or on chairs. Two of us were reading magazines, One of us was on the internet and I was reading a book. It was quiet in the house.

Four times we felt that someone was trying to come into the house through the closed patio doors. Only one of the patio chairs were rocking when we looked up to see no one there. The door blinds were moving as if the doors had been open and closed furiously. Was it just the wind? and it only affected one patio chair?

Another time it sounded like something fell onto the floor and again we all looked up to see nothing it was starting to get my attention. I begin to think it was spirit energy. I grounded myself and took a few deep breaths to see if I could communicate, but nada, nothing. So I thought hmmm maybe they want me to see them. I love taking photos with my camera and getting pictures of orbs.

Orbs - google it to find a definition you may or may not what to believe in.

After I took the photo I looked at it and wala indeed we had an orb.
I spoke to the girls and said I got it. We have a spirit here. I showed them each the photo. It was your camera flash, no I responded. "This is an Orb." I pointed to the flash on the photo and said that is the flash.
Closer view of orb.

My coworkers doubted it was a Orb. (not knowing what a Orb was). They wanted me to take the photo again. Here it is. All you see is the flash.
Ok well maybe the spirit is attached to Candace. So Candace got back into the photo. Here it is.

No orb.
I told Heather who was on the internet to google Orb. Don't take my word for anything, search and find your own truth. She began to read about orbs while I was taking photos around the rest of the house.

I went down one level took photos in two of the bedrooms. No orbs.

I just got the goosebumps as I looked down the dark hallway to the other bedrooms. The hair on my arms were standing up. Ok I'm done. Back up the stairs I went. Not to much later than that we grabbed our bags and packed up the car and said goodbye.

We go back to the golf course. I can't wait to share this story with Wendy. She came to the table where the four of us were sitting. Three of us were enjoying a Bloody Mary. I grabbed my camera showed her the picture. Oh an orb she said!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want to share

A few of my friends and family have met Karen at my house. So I wanted to share this with you. Get a chance and watch her. I'm looking forward to "tivo" ing it.

I met Karen through a mutual acquaintance (Stacey) a gal who died during childbirth. She was coming to me with messages for Wendy. Wendy was very good friends with Stacey and had continued to be friends with Jami (Stacey's sister). Karen was also getting messages from Stacey.
This was way in the beginning of trusting my "hearing". So when Stacey told me her husband had remarried and was expecting a child (boy) Wendy was shocked and didn't believe it. Well sure enough he had remarried and his wife was expecting. They did have a boy. Karen wanted to meet me.
We met. Haven't kept in touch lately. I just received this from her office and wanted to share it. Karen has a business in Santa Rosa doing readings, speaking to groups and helping loved ones handle their grief.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't hit her

I remember as a child going to Catechism three times a week. I guess we walked from 17th to 10th street and from Pennyslvania past McDonald. Was it Jennie, David, Mary and me? I can't recall? I do remember it being Mary and me.

It was quite a ways for 4 small children to walk alone. We wouldn't do it in today's society.
I enjoyed going to class and getting sticker stars on my pages next to the prayers I had to memorize. I was always a good student. I made friends and really enjoyed receiving a loaf of bread after class. The Nuns would give them out to all the children.

After class I would walk to my niece Mary's class and wait for her to get out. She would have a sad face more times than not. I would give her my bread because she didn't get any. The nuns would hit her. Well not the nuns, Sister Mary Grace. A mean woman, who had no business teaching and hitting children. Mary would cry as we walked home. It was a miserable time.

This did not sit well with my little mind, after learning all about Jesus and how he loved children. Yet these black dressed birded women would treat children harshly. It troubled me and I began to question this. I loved Jesus.

We would go to church every Sunday and receive Holy Communion after going to confession on Saturday. That was confusing to me a 7 year old confessing to a man about sins. I made up stuff. Say ten Hail Marys and 2 Our Fathers. Oh yah and remember the Act of Contrition, sometimes I would get that one. I was a good girl. But you had to confess in order to eat a wafer at church on Sunday. Another question?

We continued to go to catechism at St. Marks until my other niece Kathy was at the age to receive her Holy Communion. I believe it is 2nd grade. My sister drove us to St. Cornelius and we only had to go on Saturdays. What a relief!

I finally stopped going to Catechism when I was in the 7th grade and had my confirmation. Did it done it.

I married a Catholic and refused to allow my children to be baptised. I didn't raise them as Catholics. We didn't go to church. They did however, go to a private Baptist School. Only because it was the only school open from 6:30am and closed at 6:30pm. Full time day care/school. I worked full time and had a hour commute.

During this time my Mom had converted to becoming a Mormon. It was perfect for her. She constantly would give me sermons about this religion. I would ask her why didn't the Mormon church have a full time day care/school for children? Perhaps if they had my kids would have attended it. I just thought Mormon moms stayed home with their kids and I chose to work. Or did I?

If going to church is right for you, Hurray! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. But if it isn't, Hurray! Hallelujah, Praise whatever you believe in.

Is G*d Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, etc?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meditate with OM

I usually meditate with my eyes closed sitting up. Taking very deep breaths and holding it. I sit in quiet from 10 minutes to a half hour depending on my time available.
Do any of you meditate using the OM sounds? I've read about it.

The Power of Om
During meditation, when we chant Om, we create within ourselves a vibration that attunes sympathy with the cosmic vibration and we start thinking universally. The momentary silence between each chant becomes palpable. Mind moves between the opposites of sound and silence until, at last, it ceases the sound. In the silence, the single thought—Om—is quenched; there is no thought. This is the state of trance, where the mind and the intellect are transcended as the individual self merges with the Infinite Self in the pious moment of realization. It is a moment when the petty worldly affairs are lost in the desire for the universal. Such is the immeasurable power of Om. </span>

The Music of Om

Om is not a word but rather an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture and even species. It is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma which, when combined together, make the sound Aum or Om. It is believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds. It is a mantra or prayer in itself. If repeated with the correct intonation, it can resonate throughout the body so that the sound penetrates to the centre of one's being, the atman or soul.

There is harmony, peace and bliss in this simple but deeply philosophical sound. By vibrating the sacred syllable Om, the supreme combination of letters, if one thinks of the Ultimate Personality of Godhead and quiets his body, he will certainly reach the highest state of "stateless" eternity.

Om is the one eternal syllable of which all that exists is but the development. The past, the present, and the future are all included in this one sound, and all that exists beyond the three forms of time is also implied in it.

Vacationing in Hawaii this week. We went on a cocktail cruise and were fortunate enough to see Whales. The Captain told us that it was late in the season to see these magnificent creatures. We also saw dolphins in the tanks at the Hilton. They are also able to swim to a man made sandy beach. People are able to walk down to the beach, but with a rope preventing you from walking down on to the sand. I chose to walk down the steps to the closest place where I could get better photos of the dolphins.
I stood next to the rope and began chanting OM. I do not know what possessed me to do this. My husband, sister and cousin were standing up above on the path watching this. My sister told me later when she heard me doing this that I was going to get the dolphin to talk to me. My husband had no idea what I was doing. After a few OMs one of the dolphins swam over to me and rolled up on the sand and made their clicking sounds. I was an incredible experience. I could have done that until I had all 4 dolphins over there next to me. When I turned back around to walk up to my family I saw there were a few more bystanders watching me and the dolphins. Danny wished he had the camera to take photos of me and the dolphins. But I was the one with the camera.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do you hear your inner voice?

And can you tell the difference your inner voice and that of "Spirit"? It takes practice but if you really want too you can learn the difference. Practice being quiet. A good way is turning off your radio while you are driving alone in your car. Pay attention to your thoughts. Oh and if anyone that has past pops into your head out of the blue, say hello. They are popping in for a visit. Wonder how often that happens to you?

My life has taken me from being afraid of my ability to "see" and just allowing myself to "see".

I really would like to "see" like Jennifer Love Hewitt's character on Ghost Whisperer, but I don't. I see "light silouettes" I hear my spirit guide, but only when I am quiet. I "feel" energy with my all my senses and my hands especially.

I get disappointed when I get it wrong but I don't let it ruin my day. I get surprise excited when I get it right oh boy!! I love the validations. Even if it takes a few months to come to pass. When people come back to me for my "sight" I love it even more.

We all have the ability to tap into our psychic - ness.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I met

I met my husband at Judson Steel, He was a steel worker and I worked in the office as the receptionist. That plant closed down in 1986 while we were on vacation in our brand new 26 foot motor home up at Lake Almanor. I still had a job for a few months, but after 20 something years my husband was out of work. He did end up getting another job at Napa Pipe and worked there for almost 15years when they closed. He was unemployed for a few years and now works at a cemetery.

He enjoys it kinda. He has been there a few years now. He started there doing the landscaping. But not long after he started he was asked if he wanted to learn cremation.

So when the regular guy is off on his weekend or on vacation my husband yes does cremations. He didn't exactly choose to do this kind of work, but like anything else, it just becomes a job. He knows that we are not our bodies after we have died.

I get to hear all about the subject and frankly it reminds me of the old cars that laid onto of one another in the scrap yard at Judson Steel waiting to get melted into the furnace for casting into rebar. Our bodies get melted into ash to be placed in crypts at the cemetery or scattered away in the winds. What was surprising to me was the different ways people choose to say goodbye. He told me that he had to go in early on a Saturday to prepar for a witness cremation. Yes loved one will watch the furnace get turned on. I couldn't. Just like I couldn't stand the heat or the sound of the furnace at the Melt Shop at Judson Steel. But different strokes for different folks. The cemetery is in business to accomodate your beliefs.

Another part of his job is closing the cemetery at night. I can't believe how many times he has told me that people will show up at dusk to visit their loved ones at a grave site. Now that is creepy. If he is closing the gate they get annoyed with him. Man it is dark, go home come again during day light.

He just got off the phone with the guy who he covers. The guy was on vacation and he had to let him know that there was one in the furnace, referigator, one getting dropped off by the funeral parlor. It is very strange.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How was your Easter

I am reading a book by Coelho Paulo, The Zahir. He mentions the cross and the curious way of looking at crosses. Some people wear it around their necks, hang it on their wall and identify it as a religious symbol. Forgetting that in the day people were put to death by being crucified on this instrument of torture.

I know I have several of these beautiful crosses that I used to wear long ago in my jewelry box. One my niece bought from the Rome that was blessed by the Pope. I love it only because she gave it to me. It is so beautiful. Hmmm let me take a pic of it.

I will keep my crosses. I would rather wear a peace symbol around my neck today. I celebrated Easter with my family. It definitely wasn't the same as when I was a child and was forced to go to church.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

When I first

When I first started writing on blogs it was for my jewelry business. By the way it is my passion and not making enough money to make a living. I work for a living as a accountant for a Investment/Real Estate business.

I never shared the other side of me with the other members of the social networks I am a member of, until one evening a few of us were chatting and it came out. A few encouraged me to do it. Well that was a year ago.

I'm glad that I did.

Some of you may not be ready to open up to your other side. But one day when you are. This blog will be here with lots of resources available for you to research and investigate. Never take any ones "word for it" on anything. Learn for yourself. Follow your heart. You'll know what is "true and right" for you. Let no one tell you what is true and right for you.

This is ME. This is the other side of me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Annette Martin - *******Psychic *****

I have another wonderful person to share with you today, her name is Annette Martin.

1. Annette what type of psychic ability do you have?

I am a Psychic Detective, Medical Intuitive and Medium. When I discovered my gifts at age seven I said that if I had to do this then I had to do everything. And guess what, I can! By being able to do all of these, one that stands out the most is that of Psychometry. I use this in all of my police cases, whether it is a missing person, trying to find the assailant, or finding something that is lost.
Psychometry: is the process or art of interpreting the psychic energy that is left and contained in objects. You see everything that we touch we leave an invisible fingerprint. It is sometimes referred to as "psychic touch," it is the ability to read an object's history or the history of those who may have handled it. While it deals most often with the past, it may often reflect present states as well.
The word psychic is the synonym for sensitive. A person who is psychic can describe paranormal events and have abilities that cannot be explained in terms of established physical principles.

These are different aspects of my work

Clairvoyance: To have lucid mental perceptions and keen insights about people and life situations and to have clear visual mental images, pictures, to "see" auras and other psychic phenomena.

Dowsing: To be able to find underground water and/or underground minerals. Also use Dowsing when I lecture and do medical diagnosing.

Clairsentience - The ability to clearly feel yours and/or another's emotions and sensations.

Being a Medium
: Being able to see and speak to ghosts, also being able to discern between a Haunting or what I call an impression which are "recordings or video's" of past events that are repetitiously "replayed" and "decoded" by those sensitive enough to perceive them.

(data received as sound) which I do on the radio and TV shows.

Intuition, ability of knowing, or the knowledge obtained, without conscious recourse or reasoning, which I do everyday in my practice of being a psychic.

AUTOMATIC WRITING or AUTOMATIC ART - To freely channel your higher self or another soul's words, music, or art without the interruptive interference of the mind.

ESP - Extrasensory perception (ESP) is the knowledge of external objects or events without the aid of the senses.

- Pre-knowing; where nondeductible information about a future event is acquired.

- To be able to predict future events before they occur.

Remote Viewing
(RV) - Ability to access distant or shielded information primarily of visual character, such as natural or structural features, via an unknown mental process. RV can include other sensory modes, such as feelings, motion, or sound. Some individuals associate specific approaches, or protocols, with RV. Other similar terms: remote perception, enhanced perception, extrasensory perception (ESP).

- To know what others are thinking as if to hear thoughts in your head. Thought transference including the sending and receiving of thoughts.

2. Are their psychics in your family?

I have what I call, my double whammy! My grandmother, on my mothers side was extremely clairvoyant and would go to a special restaurant every Friday night and do readings for people with an old deck of poker cards.

My grandmother’s sister, on my father’s side was a clairvoyant nun, who predicted many things include the assassination of President Carno of France. She later left the nunnery and became a doctor due to all the medical diagnosing she was doing.

3. Do you have children that are psychic?

Yes, I have two boys who are very intuitive, one could do readings professionally but choose not to do that and the other is a musician who uses his intuition with his music.

4. Do you know whether you've been a psychic in previous lifetimes?

Yes, I have seen one life time of being very intuitive during the time of Cleopatra, one during the time of Atlantis and last of all of being Joan of Arc.

5. I see that you do have two websites, and

6.On your website you state you are a Psychic Detective, Medical Intuitive, ghost Buster and author. Can you explain what you do as a psychic detective?

Either the family contacts me or the police dept. with a case that they are having trouble with solving. I only work directly with the police on cases, with the families permission. The information that has been brought through in the session goes directly back to the police Detective in charge of the case. If he decides to let the family know what I have come up with then that is his responsibility. Generally the police will hold the information while they are checking out where I have led them. It is very dangerous to do the readings directly for the family, as it could be that a family member is involved in the case or someone close to them. We do not want family members going after these people on their own and perhaps causing another murder!

When I work, the process is to always start with White Light [for protection]. With my eyes closed and holding a photograph of the victim or missing person, I will take in three deep breaths. Within a few moments I can then move into the energy of the missing person or victim. I will immediately psychically go to the scene where the victim was last seen. And I'll see her or him, feel the emotions, see what is happening to that person. It's like stepping into a movie. Then, at some point I usually see the perpetrator come into the scene. And I'll begin to feel his emotions, then their voices will become audible and I am hearing conversations going back and forth between the victim and the assailant. All of this is being said out loud, so that the Detective can hear what I am experiencing and also ask questions as we move along. There are times when I also become the observer, especially when it is getting near the actual murder.

The most important aspects of this are the abilities that I have to be able to do the medical diagnosis. I can go into the body of the assailant or the victim and see scars and medical conditions or medication that they are taking. This is very helpful to the police as they can track the medicine through pharmacies and doctors. My observation on this aspect has been about 95% accurate.

I also use maps to track the assailant to see perhaps where he has put the body or what direction he or she went in after the murder. I use my hands to track him or her while dowsing the maps.

7. As a medical intuitive, are you able to see the health of a person as it is now, and in the future?

Yes, I see what is going on in the present and what the prognosis or possible genetic pre-disposition is in that body.

8. There is a book on your website about you called Gift of the White Light, can you explain what is The White Light?

At a tender young age I was told by my guide, to always use the White Light. Well, being a good girl, I have always followed that suggestion and use it daily in my life and in my practice.
“White light is pure energy which is protectiveness.” Visualized white light as similar to full spectrum light. Merge all colors together in the physical world and you get white light. Other colors, simply don’t work as well. “Put the white light in the aura and keep it there all the time.” Click here to buy this book.

9. Also on your website I see another book called Discovering your psychic world, Can a person become psychic by reading how to, or all we all born psychic?

Here is a review by a well-know magazine in San Francisco, CA.
"Annette Martin draws upon a life time of rich experience as an acclaimed psychic and teacher to offer a very readable Primmer on Psychic Development. Discovering Your Psychic World is for the beginner as well as the advanced student. It leads one very logically from beginning exercises to more "in depth" techniques to unlock that part of one's subconscious mind that is usually "off limits." "I feel that Ms. Martin is giving us an invaluable gift . . . the development of our intuition, clairvoyance, precognition, ability to heal ourselves and others, and more, which all lead to an enriching of our lives. Her book is very easy to understand as well as particularly interesting as she illustrates each chapter with case history's, verbatim instructions and vignettes from her own life.
- Common Ground Magazine - March 1995
click here to buy this book.

10. You do psychic readings by phone or in your office, Do you find it easier to do them face to face?

It doesn’t matter whether they are in front of me or on the phone. I do prefer the client to be in my office if I am doing a medical diagnosing. As I can talk with them and counsel them face to face in a more intimate and loving way.

11. You also can do a reading with someone's photo, can you explain how you do this?

This is the process called Psychometry, all of my phone readings around the world are done this way, as well as the animal readings. I hold the photo in my palms and immediately begin to pick up information from the energy that has been left on the photo. It’s like an invisible fingerprint. Many times clients in the office bring photo’s of the children or husband or wife and I can give them as accurate a reading as I do with them sitting across from me holding the photo’s. It doesn’t matter how old the photo is either, the energy print is still there.

12. I noticed the address of your address, is that in the same building as another famous psychic, Sylvia Browne?

No, we are not in the same building, but for the past 20 years Sylvia and I have been about 4 blocks away from each other. Interesting, isn’t it?

13. As a Psychic Detective have you been asked to find missing children?

Yes, I have found some missing children.

14. Can you give and encouraging words, or advice to those that want to develop their psychic abilities?
Because everyone has a "psychic side" , which deals with our right brain, to himself or herself, you can learn to be more intuitive. There are steps you can take, classes you can attend (check out your local area Learning Annex for classes) and about a billion wonderful books you can read to assist your development. And of course, my book, Discovering Your Psychic World, that is being used by many of the metaphysical books stores around the country in their classes, because it works. I also recommend my mediation CD’s, “Peaceful White Light”, with music by Steven Halpern. By using the CD meditations and learning to use the White Light it will be much easier to not try to see information but allow it to come to you. You need to learn to trust and have faith in what you know but have no logical explanation for.

The more and more you attempt to connect; the easier it will become. With time, and practice it simply becomes instinctual.

Whether you realize it or not, you are being guided and assisted everyday by your angels, guides, Goddess, Divine spirit -- whatever you prefer to call it. Have the courage to trust in yourself and your intuition. You won't go wrong.

Thank you Annette, this has been an extreme pleasure. Can I use the photo of you on your website for this interview and photos of your two books?


May the White Light Be With You,

Annette Martin

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't have vacation plans yet?

Click on picture to see it better.
What about a Mediterrean Cruise. Oh I would love too.....All aboard!
Go to James Van Praagh's website,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hay has a abscess

My cat Hay is 15 years old. He has an abscess for the past few days on his face by his mouth. I think my other cat Pukie scratched him really good. He rarely goes out at night. So I don't really know how it happened.
Last night when I got home from work the front room smelled so bad. It was my cat. This morning I got up and took him to the vet. He barely had any skin left by his mouth after they cleaned him all up. Poor Hay.
When my kitties are hurt I feel hurt for them. I also had his blood checked. The vet thought he might have hyper thyroidism or has kidney trouble. I will find out on Tuesday. In the meantime, he is on antibotics and my son or husband are draining the yek. I just can't stomach it.
But thank the cat Gods the smell is gone.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Curious about ....

Cremation or Burial....
My grandmother is buried with a tombstone that has my name on it. I was named after her. My Father is buried at her feet. I will be cremated.

I was having a conversation about this last evening. I am not one to go to the cemetery to visit grave sites. To me it is a junk yard full of old cars. Gone and no longer on the road of this earth plane. I do not feel we are, are bodies.

If I want to celebrate my grandmother or father I will where ever I am, whenever I think about it. Sometimes they pop into my mind, or others that have passed. Awww time for a conversation with them.

How do you feel? Cremation or Burial? Or is this topic to gross and unapproachable for you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I wanted to let Lisa know...

The cool thing about my kindle is if I finish one book I can go to the Kindle store where ever I may be physically just by having my kindle with me. I am now reading Life among the Dead by Lisa Williams.
You can check out her blog if you are curious about who she is. me you KNOW who she is. Did you watch her TV show? I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks Amazon for having my favs available for me. If you want to know what a Kindle is, go to