Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't have vacation plans yet?

Click on picture to see it better.
What about a Mediterrean Cruise. Oh I would love too.....All aboard!
Go to James Van Praagh's website,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hay has a abscess

My cat Hay is 15 years old. He has an abscess for the past few days on his face by his mouth. I think my other cat Pukie scratched him really good. He rarely goes out at night. So I don't really know how it happened.
Last night when I got home from work the front room smelled so bad. It was my cat. This morning I got up and took him to the vet. He barely had any skin left by his mouth after they cleaned him all up. Poor Hay.
When my kitties are hurt I feel hurt for them. I also had his blood checked. The vet thought he might have hyper thyroidism or has kidney trouble. I will find out on Tuesday. In the meantime, he is on antibotics and my son or husband are draining the yek. I just can't stomach it.
But thank the cat Gods the smell is gone.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Curious about ....

Cremation or Burial....
My grandmother is buried with a tombstone that has my name on it. I was named after her. My Father is buried at her feet. I will be cremated.

I was having a conversation about this last evening. I am not one to go to the cemetery to visit grave sites. To me it is a junk yard full of old cars. Gone and no longer on the road of this earth plane. I do not feel we are, are bodies.

If I want to celebrate my grandmother or father I will where ever I am, whenever I think about it. Sometimes they pop into my mind, or others that have passed. Awww time for a conversation with them.

How do you feel? Cremation or Burial? Or is this topic to gross and unapproachable for you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I wanted to let Lisa know...

The cool thing about my kindle is if I finish one book I can go to the Kindle store where ever I may be physically just by having my kindle with me. I am now reading Life among the Dead by Lisa Williams.
You can check out her blog if you are curious about who she is. me you KNOW who she is. Did you watch her TV show? I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks Amazon for having my favs available for me. If you want to know what a Kindle is, go to

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carol rocks

I've blogged about her. She is a wonderful person I met at the Omega Institute for the mediumship class held by James Van Praagh. We kept in touch by the email list she created during the weekend.
Last evening she facebooked me that JVP was in the chat room on his website.

I hurried up and went to his website. I needed to login but forgot my login name and password uggg. So I signed up again and got in. Sure enough James was there and chatting with his students and followers. Wow that was so unbelievable! He shows up in his chat room and you can feel the energy that takes over the room. LOVE baby pure flowing LOVE.

The website is fabulous check it out and join. Hope to see you there chatting.

Oh yah, my friend Carol is selling e-mail Angel Card Readings for $25 in the Marketplace.
Why? "To share the uplifting and inspiring messages from our Angels with others."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes the skies are cloudy and the day is dreary. All I want to do is stay in the comfort of my home where it is warm and safe.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Other side of ME

We are so multifaceted creatures, no? I have so much going on inside my head at times, I have to ground myself to focus. At others times, I don't think anyone is home.
Today I heard from a wonderful medium who I had the pleasure of meeting through a spirit named Stacy. Stacy had died giving birth to her son who had also died. Stacy was a friend of Wendy's, whom I work with.
The wonderful medium is Karen and she has a website, She was at the time we met also communicating with Stacy and giving messages to Stacy's Mom and sister. When Karen find out that I was also getting messages from Stacy she wanted to meet me.
Its always nice to hear from people who you haven't heard from in awhile. I'm hoping to get a chance to interview Karen. However she is extremely busy.

The Other side of me is giving away 3 pairs (like a clover) of earrings at come by and check it out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Look and listen to yourself. What are you thinking? Do you ever take a moment to just go quiet?
No sound just you with yourself.

Is what you feel familiar or does it scare you?

I feel good. I hope you do too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can remember

When I was a little girl how much I loved spending the day at the library. I would take one of my nieces or both and we would walk or get dropped off there. I would get lost in books. My favorites were the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls.
As an adult I took my children to the book store to pass on to them my love for reading. One of them downloads audio books to his ipod. The other one rarely if ever reads. But he enjoys spending a hour or two at the Borders book store while waiting to see a movie.

But now, after all these years, no more books for me. My overstuffed book shelf will no longer have another book stuffed into it.

My Kindle2 was delivered to me. Awww and I love it. I bought 3 books, Sylvia Browne, Lisa Williams and Paulo Coehlo. Did I say how much I love it.
Do you read?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ghost Whisperer - The TV Show

Do you watch this TV show? I have it as a recorded show so I can enjoy it when I want too. It's one of my favs. James Van Praagh is a co-executive producer. Who I consider one of my teachers.
This episode talks about how we as children can see ghosts but it goes away as we grow up cause there is no room in our rational mind. How fortunate for some of us to still "see" them. I don't "see" them like Melinda on the show. Some of my friends don't understand why? It would scare the crap out of me!!!!that's why. The children in this epiosode are under ten years old and can see the ghosts that are in their school.

When I was little I thought the ghosts I saw were my brother and he would get in trouble for scaring me. I thought he was in my closet when I went to bed. He would come out of the closet and I would get scared. It was confirmed that it wasn't him.

I do as an adult, feel spirits presence. But its not like seeing them in person, like Melinda on the Ghost Whisperer. It's like a lightness or shadow. Have you ever seen a ghost? Is it really possible that when you die, you can wander around the earth plane?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Linda MacKenzie

I was honored to get the opportunity to interview Ms. Linda MacKenzie. I want to help my readers understand what being "psychic" means. I hope you enjoy this as much as I sure have.

What kind of psychic ability do you have?
There are 17 different kinds of psychic ability and I am fluent in all of
them. The only two abilities that I have but DO NOT use are being a
trans-medium channel, where you let an entity come into and take over your body, and divination, which uses tools like Tarot cards, runes, etc., to
practice the occult arts. My new documentary short DVD, "Many Faces of
Psychic Ability" released in January, 2009 explains the history, general
and little-known facts and my personal stories on all the psychic
abilities. The reason I made the DVD was to debunk alot of the untruths
surrounding psychic ability today and to let people know that we all have
psychic ability and it's time to understand.

At what age do you discover your ability?
I saw God when I was eight years old and the next day I had all the
abilities. I have used my abilities every day for over 50 years but, I
tested my abilities for over 30 years before coming out as a psychic.

Are you a medium?
Yes I am a medium. I have seen and talked to ghosts since I was 8 years
old. I have also been filmed doing medium work by almost all major TV and
cable TV networks including ABC, CBS, Discovery, Extra, BBC, German TV,
Japan TV, etc. I have also been featured in several award-winning
documentaries, helped police departments and the British Governemt verify
paranormal activity.

Do you have psychics in your family?

No one I know, on both sides of my family, uses their psychic ability.
However, since we all have psychic ability I am sure they chose not to
develop it.

Can someone be taught to be psychic?

No and yes. There is no psychic school, book or person that can teach
someone to be psychic. Since every one's psychic ability varies in level,
kinds and intensity learning to be a psychic is always a personal journey.
It takes years to understand and use your abilities correctly and just
because someone has psychic ability does not mean they should be doing
readings. A psychic has to be totally committed to truth, because they are
karmically responsible for the truth they give. My personal belief is
that using psychic ability is also a total commitment to the service of
mankind and should be used for the greater good of all. With that said I
recently completed a 17 museum exhibit display called "Psychic Secrets
Unveiled" which is housed at the Paraplex Paranormal Center, a 14,000 sq
ft, 3 story active lab, observatory and museum located in New Orleans. My
exhibits delineate the how, what, where and why of psychic abilities to
help educate people about psychic abilities and that we all have these

Do you do readings?
I have given many thousands of personal readings to political figures, celebrities, businesses and individuals. On my 8-year running on
terrestrial radio show "Creative Health & Spirit" I would do
36-42 readings per show in 40 minutes. Today I no longer do personal readings
except for FREE on my still continuing Internet radio show "Creative
Health & Spirit" aired LIVE every Tuesday at 8am Pacific Time on the
HealthyLife.Net Radio Network, which I founded in 2002 and is located at I also do special appearances.

Have you ever been on tv or the radio?
I have my own 13-year running psychic radio show "Creative Health &
Spirit", have been on hundreds of world-wide radio shows and almost every
cable and TV network. In fact I turn down more TV shows and TV series than
I actually appear on because most of the reality shows, TV shows, and TV
series want you to make things up or expand on an untruth to make it scary
or sensationalistic. I am totally committed to truth and unless a TV or
movie is giving out total truth I chose not to participate.

Have you written any books about your abilities?

None on my abilities but several award-winning books on metaphysics and
health. I do have my new DVD that is in part about how I use my psychic
abilities but is really an educational tool to help people understand the
science and history behind these abilities.

Do you have a blog, website?
The two websites I have are and I am also on FaceBook and several other social
networking sites. HealthyLife.Net does have a free monthly newsletter that
people can sign up for.

If people want to get a reading, how would they reach you?

I no longer do private readings because I am working on large projects
that will help millions of people. With that said I still love helping
people so I offer FREE readings between 8:30am - 9am Pacific Time on my
radio show. They can call in toll free at 800-555-5453 or 310-371-5444,
but only at that time. I also am available for special appearances which
they can find out more about on my website

Do you believe in a higher power?
I believe in one higher power - God and whatever you call God is all right
with me.

Do you have other psychic friends?

We are all psychic and I have many friends. Some have extraordinary
powers, others do not. I believe every one and every thing is valuable,
unique and special.

What amazing story can you share about having your ability?
I have hundreds of amazing stories so it is hard to pick just one, but
here is one that comes to mind. I was filming the Ghosts of England with
Peter James and Derek Acorah in an old mansion in England that housed
several generations of ghosts from the same family when Derek got attacked. He was choking and Peter was in the staircase that led into the room peeking out from behind a wall. The situation was getting dire as Derek was now unable to catch his breath, so I stood in front of the ghost and said, "Come to me!". The ghost released Derek who stopped choking and I proceeded to hold the ghost off from me energetically. The ghost got frustrated that he couldn't get to me and finally with one energetic push,
that made me stumble, the ghost left the room. Later, in the same mansion,
I released a little 8-year old girl, who had died I believe in the 17th
century into her mother's arm on the other side.

What advice would you share with others who have psychic ability?

Develop your abilities slowly and don't rush. You will automatically be
led to your next step in development without effort. A book or teacher
will appear. When they do trust your own gut feel and if something doesn't
ring true to you toss it out or leave the room - take only the part that
rings true to you. You will always get what you need. Remember you and
only you are your own best psychic at all times - Feel, Know and Trust

LINDA MACKENZIE, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c) is a world-renown psychic,
multi-book author, radio host, lecturer, audio/video producer,
Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate and Founder of the all
positive talk radio network - A former telecom
engineer for the airlines and Fortune 1000 companies, Mackenzie is a
mainstay in pioneering entrepreneurial spirit. She launched one of the
first used PC stores, a datacom consulting firm, a metaphysical gift
manufacturing company and was the former President of a mind-body
nutritional supplement manufacturing corporation. She resides close to
the beach in Southern California.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What I do for a living

Yes I do have a full time job. Here are photos of my office. I work in an accounting department in Danville. I took the photos to show my brother, David how busy I was at work.

I've worked pretty much my entire life. Babysitting when I was old enough, summer jobs, after school jobs. After high school graduation, I got a full time job and have ever since had a full time job.

I feel very fortunate to be employed. But I know as long as I want to work, I will. When it all ends and I no longer HAVE to work, I'll make money being the other side of me. The creative side.


I wanted to share the beautiful rainbow we saw on our way to work. I had my son take the photo with my phone. I'm giving him a ride since he hasn't replace the car that was stolen in December. I throughly enjoy the time we spend together.

He doesn't understand why I make such a fuss over a rainbow. Stop and enjoy the beauty around us, son. Funnie why do we lose the excitement of childhood, the days when everything you did was an adventure. Was I being silly fussing over a rainbow?There was another rainbow alongside of it. I wanted to drive through it.

I appreciate the gifts around me even the ones I do "see."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Doreen Virtue

Do know any crystal or indigo children. Maybe you are one? Perhaps you don't know what one is. Check this video out.

Laura Rose

Here is another interview with Laura Rose.

What type of
psychic ability
do you have? I am an intuitive medium. I'm able to communicate with spirit guides, angels, departed loved ones, animal helpers and nature spirits to bring forth loving guidance, messages and support. My gifts are an interesting blend of sight, hearing messages, and empathic ability.

Can you communicate with the dead? Yes.

Can you see people's spirit guides? Yes.

How old were you when you discovered this? I've had these gifts as a small child. As I grew these gifts were not honored and because of life's circumstances, I suppressed them. About eight years ago I felt a strong pull to reawaken my gifts and step forward to do this work.

Are any of your family members psychic? Yes. There are gifts running through both sides of my family. My mother is the strongest link and she's working with me in partnership from the other side.

Did you inherent this ability? Yes and it's my own, too!

Were you ever afraid to let others know about your gift(s)? As a child, yes. After they reawakened as an adult, no. I just knew this is what I'm now meant to do.

Do you also believe in God? Yes. I believe in a divine essence that incorporates the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

Do you do readings? Yes.

Do you have a website? Yes,


Laura Rose

The Purple Rose, LLC

2 Tunxis Rd., Suite 203

Tariffville, CT 06081