Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You're having a baby.

I wanted the women who I "saw" their babies before they had even conceived to come forward to tell their story. But hmmm they haven't. So I will one story at a time. Stay tuned.

It was January maybe February of that year, someone that I worked with wanted to get pregnant. I told her that she would have a baby when the autumn turned to winter. That she would have a baby girl shortly before another gal in the office had her 2nd baby boy. She did have her girl that November and the other gal had her son in December. I think their children were 2 weeks apart.

I can "see" babies. I just get a knowing about it when I'm around you. I saw the gal's daughter age 7 years old with red hair, skinny and skating. I saw the other gal's two boys as teenagers in high school with their school sports jackets on, one a little taller than the other.

These children the little girl and little boy turned 1 last November and December.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

X-Files - I want to Believe

I saw the movie last night. Did you? Want to talk about it?
The movie was creepy, but I LOVED IT!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Check Marks

Do you pay attention to the sychronicity going on in your world? What does that mean? It's the universe letting us know we are right on track. Track, purpose for this lifetime.

TV on in the bedroom while I am getting reading for work. I'm standing in front of my closet looking for my red sandals. The gal on TV says the word "sandals". Coincidence ok, check mark! I also notice it alot while I'm driving in my car with the radio on. Never turn the radio on unless someone else is in the car with me.
So there is conversation happening and the "word" will also come out of the radio, check mark!

Please if you have another way to explain it, I'd love to hear your comment.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Daily Does it.

I want to start sharing stories about my experiences seeing, hearing and feeling. This story is about when my youngest was born.

When I was 25 years old I had my second son. He was born c-section because he never turned inside of me, he wanted to come out walking. I remember thinking when the doctor examined me oh good this will be easy! Boy was I ever wrong. Not a good way to have a baby.

At the time we had a waterbed and there was no way I could get out of that bed with my stomach feeling like I got kick by the entire football team. So my husband set up a bed in my baby's room.

I was pretty much out of commission for the next 2 weeks after my son was born. I was so uncomfortable and took nothing for the pain. I was even uncomfortable nursing him. One early morning around 4am I laid sleeping in his room and he laid next to the bed in the bassinet when a visitor came to see us.

I remember being sound asleep and waking up to a bright light entering my room and I sat straight up (that kinda shocked me because my stomach hurt so much) and I spoke to the woman standing next to the bassinet. I wasn't afraid I knew it was Jason's grandmother coming to visit him. I said he is your grandson, his name is Jason. She looked up at me and was gone.

Her name is Agatha Roysdon, she died before I ever got to meet her. But sometimes since that early morning when she came to see her grandson I sense her in my house.

Do you sense spirits?

A year later on Jason's 1st birthday we took our children to Chucky Cheese to celebrate his birthday. There were balloons in Jason's room and had been there probably for a few days after we had gone to Chucky Cheese. My husband and I were in the front room watching tv that evening when I mentioned his mother coming to visit a year ago. Well he never believed it and I told him it didn't matter that I knew she did. When the balloon in Jason's room popped! It startled us both. I looked at my husband with a surprised look and said see she wants you to know she did! He scientifically reasoned to me why that balloon popped. The condensation of the cold window, blah blah.

My husband now believes his mom is around here and I have communicated with her. There is no way I would know stuff about my husband when he was little or about her that he never told me.

I love knowing as a spirit we continue!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Daily Dose

I have a daily calendar that sits upon my desk at work. I wanted to share the words with you.
Keep in mind the ancient simple truth that "the mighty oak was once a little nut that held its ground."
You are a mighty oak in the making and it's all right to be a little nutty as long as you also hold your ground!
dr wayne dyer

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm ok

For several years of my life I didn't let anyone know about my ability to "see" or "hear" because I was afraid of what people would think about me. I felt that people would think I was wierd or even worst "EVIL".

I have fortunately let go of my concern about what people think about me. It's okay that we all have our individual belief system. I allow, accept and respect people for who they are and what the believe. I know that it's okay if they don't reciprocate that about me or others like me.

This ability comes from "G*d". I was born and raised Catholic. Although I no longer practice this faith. Each morning before I get up. I meditate. I surround myself with the white light of love and divine protection. I also ask that this light surround the people I come into contact with.

I'm enjoying my journey here in this lifetime.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I welcome comments !

I've been doing a lot of free readings lately and have done so many in the past. I recently emailed as many people as I could remember to send me their comments about their readings. I really hope you do.

Readings will be by appointment only, please contact me at hija4@mac.com.

Thank you.


The first time I sat for a reading with Raquel I was very anxious, she sensed my apprehension and immediately put me at ease. The information she revealed to me during that sitting set forth a foundation for me to trust her and bring her further into my confidence in order to gather more information about important decisions in my life. Through the course of our association and readings, I have been able to overcome mental and emotional obstacles that were previously keeping me from reaching my goals and chart a course that is more akin to my desired results.

Morgan McKean
Executive Director, Morgan Blaire

I remembered a reading that you gave to a person I meet on line....she was scared of this health problem she was worry about....she had a doctors appointment coming up....but before you had the appointment she was really worried about and not getting any sleep....so I told her to email you so you can give her some insight..about her healthy problem.....she did email you and you told her that everything will be alright and dont worry......well when the doctors appoinment was over she was told by the doctor that the test was negative. And that she had nothing to worry about.

David Bernard
July 11, 2008 11:18 AM

Raquel amazing abilities, coupled with her tendered advice has become one of my must do`s when making a major corporate decision or something as small as seeking clarity. She is not a medium or a psychic. She is an intuitive. Her wisdom has help me so much.-anonymous