Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't hit her

I remember as a child going to Catechism three times a week. I guess we walked from 17th to 10th street and from Pennyslvania past McDonald. Was it Jennie, David, Mary and me? I can't recall? I do remember it being Mary and me.

It was quite a ways for 4 small children to walk alone. We wouldn't do it in today's society.
I enjoyed going to class and getting sticker stars on my pages next to the prayers I had to memorize. I was always a good student. I made friends and really enjoyed receiving a loaf of bread after class. The Nuns would give them out to all the children.

After class I would walk to my niece Mary's class and wait for her to get out. She would have a sad face more times than not. I would give her my bread because she didn't get any. The nuns would hit her. Well not the nuns, Sister Mary Grace. A mean woman, who had no business teaching and hitting children. Mary would cry as we walked home. It was a miserable time.

This did not sit well with my little mind, after learning all about Jesus and how he loved children. Yet these black dressed birded women would treat children harshly. It troubled me and I began to question this. I loved Jesus.

We would go to church every Sunday and receive Holy Communion after going to confession on Saturday. That was confusing to me a 7 year old confessing to a man about sins. I made up stuff. Say ten Hail Marys and 2 Our Fathers. Oh yah and remember the Act of Contrition, sometimes I would get that one. I was a good girl. But you had to confess in order to eat a wafer at church on Sunday. Another question?

We continued to go to catechism at St. Marks until my other niece Kathy was at the age to receive her Holy Communion. I believe it is 2nd grade. My sister drove us to St. Cornelius and we only had to go on Saturdays. What a relief!

I finally stopped going to Catechism when I was in the 7th grade and had my confirmation. Did it done it.

I married a Catholic and refused to allow my children to be baptised. I didn't raise them as Catholics. We didn't go to church. They did however, go to a private Baptist School. Only because it was the only school open from 6:30am and closed at 6:30pm. Full time day care/school. I worked full time and had a hour commute.

During this time my Mom had converted to becoming a Mormon. It was perfect for her. She constantly would give me sermons about this religion. I would ask her why didn't the Mormon church have a full time day care/school for children? Perhaps if they had my kids would have attended it. I just thought Mormon moms stayed home with their kids and I chose to work. Or did I?

If going to church is right for you, Hurray! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. But if it isn't, Hurray! Hallelujah, Praise whatever you believe in.

Is G*d Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Christian, Moslem, etc?