Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do I do a reading?

Have you ever given or received a reading?

I've received two readings one in person and one over the phone. The first one was a card reading. At the end of that reading she told me I had been burned by the stake in a previous life. I had already knew it intuitively. She said if I wanted to do a past life regression she could do it. I chose not to at that time.

My second reading was over the phone with Sylvia Browne. I waited 3 years for that reading. Have any of you had a reading by her? I would love to hear about it. I got a phone call from her assistant in December to let me know that my name had finally come up to the top. Her rate had increased from $600 for a half hour to $800 for a half hour and was I still interested? I took a deep breath it was December I thought I don't want to spend $800 for a reading right now. You must pay before they will book the appointment. I must be loca, crazy. I booked it.

Her assistant called again before the reading to let me know that there were a few questions I couldn't ask her. One I couldn't ask her to find anything lost. Second, I couldn't ask her to find anyone missing. Ok that wasn't one of my questions, good. But he told me to write down as many questions as you could think of. So I carried around a tablet and was always thinking about questions to ask? In February I spoke to Sylvia Browne. As far as I'm concerned she is the best in the Psychic Business, Amazing!

I've been asked a few times recently how do I do a reading so I wanted to address it on my blog.

I also accept payment when scheduling an appointment. My sister arranges all of my appointments. I also do not answer two questions, I will not tell you whether you or anyone you know has a terminal illness and whether someone is dying. I don't do this because I don't want to cause people G*d awful pain. I don't charge enough to do that, plus I am not a doctor.

I do my reading with the use of the computer. Using Instant Messenger, email and sometimes I will do a reading over the phone. My Spirit Guide directs me as to which way will work best for my client.

On the day of the reading I may get visits from loved ones who have crossed over anxious to communicate with my client. I will get names and pictures in my mind's eye while communicating with loved ones who have passed. I write it down so as not to forget. (They will not go away until after the reading and seriously won't let me forget. Sometimes while I am out and about and not doing a reading I will get visits from spirits that want to communicate. They can be annoying and loud.)

I will start the reading with the messages from a loved one or two. I will ask you if this is familiar to you. I will ask questions about what I'm getting in order for me to make sure that I have connected to your energy. I will be directed by my spirit guide to your spirit guide. In doing this I can "see" what is going on in your world. After I am done telling you what I "see", I will ask you if you have any questions. I will answer them as I'm being guided by spirit.

During the reading Spirit might bring up friends and family in your life who have issues. I may ask to communicate to your friends or family for spirit. If this is the case I do not charge for that. It will be up to you to communicate with your friend or family member that I would like to give them a reading.

I enjoy receiving feedback from my clients. They will email me to say I met that guy, I got pregnant, now what am I having etc... I have to say I don't retain the reading on the computer or in my head. So when I said oh Did I tell you that you were going to meet someone I apologize to you that I don't remember it. But I am always appreciative for your feedback.

I love doing readings. I always thank my spirit guides and the spirits who have crossed over. I hope this helps you to understand How I do a reading.

P.S. The more open you can be during a reading from any "psychic, medium, seer" the easier it is for the energy to flow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Predicting Babies

Now what the heck am I going to write about on predicting babies. (I had to go through my older posts to see if I had written about this before, ok I hadn't.)

I haven't always been able to "see" babies coming. I think it started with the first and second predictions in 2006.

I've been 98% accurate on the babies coming (Angie is still waiting and Heather's step son had a baby, I thought it was Heather, I'm chalking it up as I was wrong). 80% accurate on the sex of the baby.

Melissa, I was correct on sex of two babies
Wendy, I was correct on sex of one baby. I don't remember if I predicted Brandon?
Valerie, I was correct on sex of one baby
Michael, I was not correct on sex of baby
John, I was correct on sex of two babies
Dave, I was not correct on sex of baby
Sonia, I was correct on sex of one baby
Wes' daughter, I was correct on sex of one baby

The list above are a few people whom I predicted would have a baby and the sex of the baby before the woman was pregnant.

How do I do that? I get a "look, thought, picture, feeling, vibration, or as I really like to call them a "swish", all predictions are within a year.

I thought I had a Baby Prediction chart on the side bar of this blog. I think I lost it when I got a new background. So I've posted it again. Yes I have two predictions posted on it.

Now if you're one of the people I've mentioned in this post. I would seriously love for you to leave a comment. Please don't be shy. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another story...

As I sit here enjoying my second cup of coffee on a Saturday morning my spirit guide wants me to tell another story. I feel that I just want to be quiet and not write about the other side of me. My spirit guide won't go away so I'm writing...

Once in my working lifetime history I was not working. I think that it lasted maybe a month. I quit a job because I couldn't stand to work for the woman boss any longer. I didn't interview for this position. Three coworkers and I were taken from a job where the company went under to this new company. My husband and I worked for the same company that closed after 100+ years in business. He was unemployed and I should have been grateful I had a job. We had two boys in a private christian school, a mortgage, new motor home and new car. It was 1988.

I was alone in my house getting ready to go to a job interview. I was sitting at my makeup table curling my eyelashes. My eyes went blurry and I blinked and blinked but couldn't focus. Out of the corner of my bedroom appeared a ball of light. As it came towards me it got bigger and bigger. I sat there blinking and blinking so I could focus. The light came closer. I rubbed my eyes and still the light was there. I was frozen in my chair. What is this light? I wanted to know. I sat there.

Then the phone rang I got up and left the room. The phone was in the kitchen I answered it, it was my Mom. I told her the story about the light in my room, she answered me with if it was a Good spirit it won't touch you. If it's a bad spirit it will try to touch you.

I hung up the phone and grabbed my purse. My mom scared the hell out of me. I left my house. I didn't know whether or not the light was a good spirit or bad spirit.

February of this year I had a reading by Sylvia Browne. I asked her about "the Light".
It was my Spirit Guide.