Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you curious?

Are you curious about when did I know that I had grown up and could communicate with spirit? It has been a life long journey and the first time that I really started was in 2000=2001. I began a new job, 8 to 5 and less stress. I started making my own jewelry so my creative side of my brain was once again flowing.

John Edward had TV show called Crossing Over (I think) and that show fascinated me. Watching him connect to the other side and making people cry, especially me just felt right to me. I knew I could do this and I wanted too.

John Edward's website click here

I purchased his set of CDs If you are seriously interested in developing your psychic ability I recommend them.

I would meditate in the morning before getting up to go to work. My body would become so numb during the meditation, but I found that I could connect to spirit this way. I would also listened to John Edward's CDs every day driving to and from work. A friend at work, Wendy was open and supportive of my ability. She also enjoyed watching John Edward's Crossing Over TV show.

Shortly after purchasing the CDs, I connected to a friend of Wendy's who had crossed over during child birth. Her name is Stacy and she told me that her husband had remarried and was expecting a child, a boy. The boy was the spirit that she had lost. Wendy was fascinated with this and reconnected to Jami, Stacy's sister. They did not believe that Stacy's husband would remarry. It took a day or two but Jami was able to contact Stacy's husband. He had remarried! Yes! his wife was pregnant. Later to find out it was a boy.

I had little to no support from anyone else, a lonely journey that I didn't want to many people to know about because I didn't want people to think I was crazy. Until I went to my first James Van Praagh basic mediumship class in Laguna Beach, CA. His class had a limit of 100 people. We learned to meditate and protect ourselves. I learned that I wasn't alone and I was ok, I wasn't crazy. I left that weekend feeling that I no longer cared what people thought of me and it was ok to be wrong.

The following day I went with Wendy to see John Edward's show in Sacramento. There were thousands of people and only a few got a reading. We weren't one of them either. But it was very enjoyable to see him in person.

Stay tuned for more stories about my journey...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where is my crystal?

Where is my crystal? I found it. I keep this one separate from the rest. After touching these crystals and now touching my laptop. Well my laptop is freaking out.

This is my meditating crystal. Well it used to be. I no longer use any crystals or cards. But I keep them around me. This one has 3 rainbows in it.

While my children were enrolled at a christian school learning that I was "evil". Knowing that I was a loving mother. I was passionate about crystals, runes, sage, incense. I collected crystals and crystal jewelry. My youngest son eventually threw away many of my Life after Death and meditating books, incense, runes. My crystals weren't in his way. Even to this day he doesn't see a need for what I do and doesn't want to hear about it. I respect that.

Rose Quartz, the heart crystal. You hold this crystal with two hands and pour your heart into it. Then you hand it to someone with your right hand (I believe). When they hold it they will fill up with the love you have. Crystals have the power to pulsate your hands and even the room you're standing in.
Once over a friend's house she had a rose quartz sitting on her mantel. I held in my hands and handed it to her. She could feel the energy from the beautiful rose quartz. She had many more crystals and we enjoyed the energy from each one. The room we were in began to pulsate and we became scared so we stopped. I wasn't sure how or why that happened, I just figured it was from the crystals.

I recognize one to be an amethyst quartz crystal. Can anyone tell me what the others are? I can't locate my crystal bible.
I traded all my crystal jewelry for a large brandy glass where I hold the majority of my collection. I keep it by a large window in my living room. Many of my larger crystals sit on the windowsill.

The large brandy glass of crystals attracts little children. They love to touch the stones. It's interesting to see the ones they choose to hold. Each stone has a meaning for your body, mind and spirit. It's very interesting.

I purchased this deck and have enjoyed giving many people readings. But I always felt with this deck that a person didn't need me. This deck comes with a book. Whatever cards match, you just read the card's meaning from the book. With that said, it was amazing how accurate the matches were. Very entertaining at parties.

Like I said I don't use the crystals, cards, runes any more. I now just "see", "listen" to my guides. I still on occasion will burn incense and sage. Why? To remove the energy of people who have been in my house.

Yet another story about my life's journey to who I am today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am a 'Seer'

I created a necklace that I inspired because I am a Seer. I call myself a Seer, a Listener because I see pictures and hear thoughts in my mind that come from spirit.

I am a Seer - N100209 Available today on my website,

Look for many more jewelry items inspired by the "Seer" in me. ;)

Indians are circling

Indians are circling the bed and I can't sleep.

One weekend we spent the night at my Husband's cousin house. We slept in her spare bedroom. I was totally unaware of any spirit activity in her house. She never mentioned it. I can't recall if we had ever talked about paranormal activity.

This particular night after enjoying a wonderful day in the sun, bbq and hot tub. We went to bed. My husband falls fast asleep. I'm anxious to sleep but I keep having to get up and go to the bathroom. Finally I doze off and am awaken by a tribe of Indians circling the bed. I know you're thinking I'm a nut job! I'm awake and I have to go pee once again. So I ask them (mentally) if it is ok to walk through their circle to go to the bathroom. For some unexplained reason I'm not afraid. In the distance I can hear their drums beating. Certainly is strange! (This February I was told by psychic Sylvia Browne that I was a Shaman in a previous life. A whole other story to post at a later time.)

The next morning I couldn't wait to chat with her. She did in fact know that there were spirits in her spare bedroom. Her daughter in law had sensed them. She didn't know if I would, YES!! and I didn't like it. She also recalled once she slept in their and felt a heavy presence on her chest and it made it hard for her to get up out of the bed. Now I've heard that happening alot.

Needless to say we never slept overnight in her house again. Last time we went for a visit that room was more of a storage room. Great idea!

Now this may sound like I've lost all my marbles and then some. But I just want to share stories of my experiences before it dawned on me that I grew up to be one of those people and you can too!

I'm sure that you have stories and you thought it was your imagination, well guess what it might NOT have been. We're all born with this gift. Many of us lose it as a child. Some of us have stronger degrees of it then others. Yes you can get it back.

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I did not think

I would grow up and communicate with spirit.

As a child I thought my brother was always hiding in the closet. He would come out of it when I was lying in bed about to fall asleep and I would get scared. He was a practical joker that way and still is. It was not him.

I always knew that when we went to sleep our spirit would and did leave our bodies and back to the spirit world it would go. But as far as being psychic or communicating with spirit I wasn't aware that I could or even wanted too. I just knew I had a wild imagination and would tell stories to my nieces at bed time that would put them to sleep.

As a teenager, I remember going to my sister in law's house and meeting a girl friend of hers who was psychic telling me that I was. I never really thought about it much afterwards either. I didn't want to be psychic. I thought that was for the summer fairs. Those people were wierd. I just knew that I was very sensitive. I cried very easily and didn't care who teased me about it.

As an adult I loved crystals. I would meditate with them. One time my husband read how to meditate with crystals to me. Walking me through it. I went inside the crystal (yea I know that sounds crazy) as the meditation progressed I was suppose to open my eyes, which I did and there stood Moses. (Now you really think I've lost it?) I still have that crystal and Moses is there like an engraving.

The first night back at home from having my second child. I was lying in a twin bed in my baby's room asleep. My husband's mother showed up in the early dawn. I felt her presence in the room and it woke me up. I never physically met her. She had died from breast cancer before I knew my husband. She had come to visit her only grand child. I wasn't scared but after she was longer in the room I screamed for my husband. He came and thought I had just been dreaming.

A year later on my son's one year old birthday we took him to Chuck e Cheese. I remember we had a few balloons lingering in his room days after the celebration. My husband and I had been up talking in the living room reminiscing about the past. When I said remember last year when your mother stopped in for a visit. When suddenly one of the balloons in my son's room POPPED for no reason. Oh yes my husband had all kinds of scientific reasons (he is not a scientist) for it all of a sudden at that moment popping. I know it was his mother.

My search for spirituality continued with reading many books. I loved going to stores that sold crystals and candles and tarot cards etc.

to be continued....

I am looking to interview psychics, mediums, seers etc. Please let me know if you are interested.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Was it a lucky guess....

Let me back up before going forward. On September 11, 2009 I wrote about an orb. A picture that I took in a house we were staying in while at a golf tournament. I had reason to believe that there was a spirit in this house. The picture of the orb confirmed it for me. I blogged about it on that day.

Today I received a comment from JAM with a link to a picture that she had with an orb. Here is the conversation between JAM and me.

Jam said" I take lots of digital pictures and that has happened to me on a few occasions. I've always been annoyed that they usually have wrecked a good picture. I never knew what caused it.

Check out a post that I had with a picture of an orb. (2nd picture down) Do you think it was dust on my camera... or a spirit? We were talking about people who had died. Okay, now I'm a little freaked out!

(Jam gave me the link to her blog where the picture was posted and has allowed me to tell this interesting little story.)

Here is my reply to her after looking at the picture. "Jam, Has your mother passed? I'm feeling it is a maternal female, like your mother." I've looked at orbs in pictures before. Recently a co-worker shared photos that had a rain shower full of orbs which I will share on another day. This was the first time I was getting any "feelings" about an Orb.

She replied with, "Raquel, thanks for answering so quickly. My mom is still around and no one close to me has passed recently. The couple (pictured) were old friends of my husband's who were over for dinner that night. The gentleman to the left of the orb had recently lost his daughter AND his ex-wife. We were talking about both of them that evening.

Are orbs good energy or bad?

Well I thought to myself I do not know. What a very good question. Does anyone have any comment about that question?

Then I heard in my 3rd eye hole (that is what I call the place where I receive messages from Spirit) the name Carly, Karen, Carol was being told to me to relay to JAM about who was the Orb.

Ok so that everyone understands where I'm at and what's going on.

There was a time when I was "afraid" to share my messages because I didn't want to be wrong. I also didn't want people to think I was nuts. I'm over it, thanks to James Van Praagh mediumship classes and so many spirits who I have communicated with and relayed messages to their loved ones.

Everyday I protect and ground myself. At the moment this was happening I was in my office working on reconciling bank accounts. I work in an accounting department to make a living. However I am passionate about designing and selling jewelry, House of Raquel and this blog is the other side of me. The "seer". I was not prepared to communicate with spirit while I was at my office. It's easier to "see, hear, feel" when I prepare myself with breathing exercises to open myself up to it. Having said that, let me continue.

Here is my next email, "Does the name Carly Karen Carol ring a bell to you?"

Here is Jam's reply, "Carly Karen Carol does not ring a bell. But "Karen" does.

Karen holds a very dear, dear place in my heart. She is my husband's cousin who passed away in 2005 from breast cancer at the age of 51. An amazing and caring woman who is missed by so many...

I found another picture with an orb. Not as large and not as visible. It's a picture of my sister (on the left) and me (on the right). The small orb is to the left of me.

To all of you reading this, Have you looked at your photos lately. Do you notice an Orb and wondered what the heck is that? Your loved ones who have crossed over are still around you. Do you feel them?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos - The Day of the Dead

I've only celebrated one of these days several years ago, I'm thinking in 2003 over at my cousin Ana's house in El Sobrante. Ana told me that there would be an altar and to bring photos of those who had passed away.

Today I do it again with this blog. I wasn't sure what the really meaning of the day is, just my interpretation.

To me, it's a day to remember family members who have crossed over and to celebrate their lives while on earth with us. So in 2003 I made a treasure chest because I will treasure them for the rest of my life. As I'm writing this tears are streaming day my face.

I went outside this morning and took my treasure chest out there with me, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee I opened it up, one by one I took out each photo and thought about that person and what they meant to me in my life. I guess one day I will end up as a photo, I guess we all will.

Here are my photos:

A treasure chest of my family who have crossed over.

Mary Hawks Bernard (sister in law)
B-November 21, 1941
D-January 10, 1962
Gilbert Hernandez - cousin
B- August 18, 1957
D-March 16, 1974
Refugio Hernandez - Maternal Grandfather
B- January 1, 1899
D-August 22, 1932
Lorenzo Amaral - My Father
B- November 12, 1926
D -March 8, 1962
Antonio Mojico Amaral - My Paternal Grandfather
B - October 11, 1868
D - October 4, 1939

Raquel Saldivar Amaral - My Paternal Grandmother and whom I was named after.
B- November 21, 1888
D-November 1, 1960
Jess Bowman Roysdon - Father in Law Agatha Susan Meo Roysdon - Mother in Law
B - March 26, 1912 B-July 28, 1914
D- December 29, 1993 D-February ?, 1977
Josefa Orozco - My Maternal Grandmother
B - September 22, 1897
D- August 24, 1958
Tony Orozco - My Uncle
B-May 4, 1923
D-Sept 8, 2000
The orange tags (photos I need to put in here)
Mario Camargo - D-August 13, 2002 (cousin)
Helen Barone Amato B- Sept 16, xxxx D-March 28, 2000 (Nana)
Diane Keiser B-September 14, 1934 D - December 21, 1999 (Grandmother to Jennie's kids)
Jose Manual Amaral B-February 28, 1924 D-May 14, 1988 (Uncle)
Laura Hernandez Villa B-April 24, 1929 D-September 30, 2003 (Aunt)

Mary Hernandez Orozco B-November 8, 1922 D-October 11, 2004 (Aunt)
Jess Orozco B-May 10, 1931 - August 31, 2009 (Uncle)

Hay - Our cat who passed away this year.

To all my loved ones who have passed I celebrate YOU today.