Friday, September 11, 2009


Each year the company I work for has an Annual golf tournament. All employees are invited along with clients and associates of the company. We usually stay at the Lake Tulloch resort, but fortunately this year they rented a house for the female employees.

Here is the rented house we stayed at in Copperopolis. We (co-workers) were visited by a spirit that I couldn't communicate with but wanted to disturb our tranquility.

Four of us were sitting in the top level front room of this house on the sofa or on chairs. Two of us were reading magazines, One of us was on the internet and I was reading a book. It was quiet in the house.

Four times we felt that someone was trying to come into the house through the closed patio doors. Only one of the patio chairs were rocking when we looked up to see no one there. The door blinds were moving as if the doors had been open and closed furiously. Was it just the wind? and it only affected one patio chair?

Another time it sounded like something fell onto the floor and again we all looked up to see nothing it was starting to get my attention. I begin to think it was spirit energy. I grounded myself and took a few deep breaths to see if I could communicate, but nada, nothing. So I thought hmmm maybe they want me to see them. I love taking photos with my camera and getting pictures of orbs.

Orbs - google it to find a definition you may or may not what to believe in.

After I took the photo I looked at it and wala indeed we had an orb.
I spoke to the girls and said I got it. We have a spirit here. I showed them each the photo. It was your camera flash, no I responded. "This is an Orb." I pointed to the flash on the photo and said that is the flash.
Closer view of orb.

My coworkers doubted it was a Orb. (not knowing what a Orb was). They wanted me to take the photo again. Here it is. All you see is the flash.
Ok well maybe the spirit is attached to Candace. So Candace got back into the photo. Here it is.

No orb.
I told Heather who was on the internet to google Orb. Don't take my word for anything, search and find your own truth. She began to read about orbs while I was taking photos around the rest of the house.

I went down one level took photos in two of the bedrooms. No orbs.

I just got the goosebumps as I looked down the dark hallway to the other bedrooms. The hair on my arms were standing up. Ok I'm done. Back up the stairs I went. Not to much later than that we grabbed our bags and packed up the car and said goodbye.

We go back to the golf course. I can't wait to share this story with Wendy. She came to the table where the four of us were sitting. Three of us were enjoying a Bloody Mary. I grabbed my camera showed her the picture. Oh an orb she said!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want to share

A few of my friends and family have met Karen at my house. So I wanted to share this with you. Get a chance and watch her. I'm looking forward to "tivo" ing it.

I met Karen through a mutual acquaintance (Stacey) a gal who died during childbirth. She was coming to me with messages for Wendy. Wendy was very good friends with Stacey and had continued to be friends with Jami (Stacey's sister). Karen was also getting messages from Stacey.
This was way in the beginning of trusting my "hearing". So when Stacey told me her husband had remarried and was expecting a child (boy) Wendy was shocked and didn't believe it. Well sure enough he had remarried and his wife was expecting. They did have a boy. Karen wanted to meet me.
We met. Haven't kept in touch lately. I just received this from her office and wanted to share it. Karen has a business in Santa Rosa doing readings, speaking to groups and helping loved ones handle their grief.