Friday, February 27, 2009

The week ends

When I was a little girl my entire world consisted of playing, and getting away with not doing chores. I hated to clean house. I would take off out the back door for adventures outside. I loved riding my bike or laying on the grass and looking up at the sky, daydreaming. I enjoyed playing with the clouds. Seeing shapes of animals, or angels or cars and buses. I loved playing with my friends. I never imagined what it would be like when I got older.
Being responsible, working for a living and running out the back door still trying to get away with not doing chores. After the week ends I don't want to clean my house, or do laundry. I want to relax, maybe get together with a friend, go shopping, go to lunch. Or sit at my jewelry table and create. I've now taken on another project, I'm writing.
I have a full time 8 to 5 job totally left brain. Or shall I say whatever part of my left brain shows up on that day! So my right side of the my brain (creative) is pushing and shoving to get out and play. I'm finding myself wanting to stay home and clean. (whatever!) That will probably change by tomorrow. Especially if the sun is out shining. The week end is here and I want to play, like the good old days when I was a kid.
Anyone want to go ride bikes, or go roller skating at the school ground?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anne Marie

I love to know about how other people "see" or "read." I've been asking people that I know if they would be interested in telling people about themselves and Anne-Marie has kindly allowed me to ask her a few questions about her ability. I hope you enjoy it and maybe it may help someone. I will first post the questions that I asked Anne-Marie. Then you will read her responses underneath it.

What type of psychic ability do you have?
How old were you when you discovered this?
Are any of your family members psychic? Did you inherent this ability?
Were you ever afraid to let others know about your gift(s)?
Do you also believe in God?
Do you have a website?

I have been blessed with many gifts- I see and hear spirits. I'm a psychic empath so have to be careful with my aura and the people I surround myself with. I was born into a psychic family 6th generations that I know about. My mother is still a practicing medium. We used to large shows in the UK together giving survival proof of lost loved ones. I've done some radio shows both here and in the Uk and featured in the popular press ( UK). I've been reading since 1982.

Yes, I don't always tell people about my gifts-sometimes people think I can read their mind- or put a spell on them, or work for the devil. I operate in love and light and don't believe in any fear based beliefs. Sometimes- it's easier not to go there- as I don't want to defend my beliefs- they are my own- nor do I want to explain myself to others who are not open to love & light. Each to his own- I accept others where they're at and try to meet them where they're at and don't want to convert them to my beliefs. We're all exactly where we're meant to be! I respect all religions and people right to choose.

I have &

I do believe in God- not in as a man who sits on a throne- as the universal life source energy.

love, light & chocolate

I found her answers so refreshing and honest. Do those of us who have these sort of abilities all feel the same way? I know I sure can relate. Thank you so much Anne.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Am I a psychic?

I believe we were all born "psychic." Some with strong psychic abilities like Sylvia Browne, some not so strong. Just like a piano prodigy, some play like Mozart and some for their own entertainment.
I called myself a "seer." I see energy around and on and your body, I can see if you will have children in the next year. I can see if there is a certain someone coming into your life, I can communicate with energies that have crossed over. I can communicate with new born babies up to (so far) a year.
I am able to read this energy by communicating with you, on the computer or on the phone and also in person. If you have a piece of jewelry, picture, scarf, hair braid, I am able to read the energy from it.

I have no "sight" about myself or my closest family members. I believe you can be trained to become psychic. Just the little bit of interest and you can open up your G*d given link. Yes I believe psychic ability is a tube of energy that comes from G*d. The more you practice the more it opens up, like a muscle.

I've taken two classes from James Van Praagh, Basic Mediumship and Advanced Mediumship. From the first class I learned to let go of the fear of being wrong and ridiculed. The second class I learned that there are many ways you can be psychic, some I've mentioned.

In the first class held in Southern California there was a man there who's wife had recently passed away and he wanted to learn to communicate with her. By the end of the weekend, that man stood up in front of 100 students and was communicating with her. Most of us were in tears watching him.

In the second class held at the Omega Institute in upper New York state, at the end of the class 100 students stood in a healing circle. James did a healing meditation with all of us. Wow the energy was incredible. I met alot of people from weekend that I keep in touch with.

For the record, I don't believe our spirit has a color. I do believe our spirit guides are men or women. I believe that Angels never carnated into life on earth. I believe I've been both male and female in 47 other lifetimes. I believe their is a universal language and that we are also able to communicate by thought too.

I no longer do readings for free. Sylvia helped me understand that I have a gift of value.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ok so have you ever pondered?

What color is your spirit, soul? If you are white does that mean your spirit is white? If you're black does that mean your spirit is black? Or what about the sex of your spirit, if you are a man then does that mean your spirit is a man? And if you believe in reincarnation and lived many lives some as a man and some as a woman, does that mean that your spirit is the sex of your last life lived?

Ok now have you ever pondered what language does your spirit talk? Would it be the last language you spoke? Or is there a universal spirit language?

Or do you believe that when you die that's it, finito, no spirit, no color, no sex, no language.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carol Martzinek

A few years ago I went to a class held by James Van Praagh, Advanced Mediumship held at the renowned Omega Institute in upstate New York. It was a remarkable trip and a connected to many people. We created a group by the end of the weekend called mediumsrus so we could stay in touch. One of my friends who started the group also has a blog, I asked her to write a little something for my blog. She is quite busy at this time but gave me permission to copy her article,

I see Dead People...

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! I’ve been dying to use that line from The Sixth Sense at least once!

I do see dead people, though. However, in case anyone’s wondering, it doesn’t work quite like what you see in movies or on television shows like Ghost Whisperer. In other words, I don’t physically see your Great Aunt Tillie standing next to you, sitting in a chair in a corner of the room, or anyplace else for that matter. Not with my two eyes, anyway. And, if I ever did, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’d be just a little freaked out by the experience - at least at first.

What I do see are very vivid mental images of people, places and things that I have no way of knowing about otherwise. Occasionally, I’ll see a glimpse of a moving shadow, but so far, no full-scale 3-D apparitions. Sometimes, they’re very brief, fleeting images that last about a second or less. Sometimes, they’re a lot more detailed, and last longer. Sometimes, they come as a series of images, all connected to the same person. For example, during a reading I did during my mediumship training weekend with James Van Praagh, I was shown a series of images related to a woman’s grandmother, which included a kitchen with sunny, curtained windows, the color green, kitchen counters with everything neat and organized, a brown refrigerator, and a dark-haired, smiling woman. During a psychometry exercise that same weekend, I saw a sunny place with trees like palm trees and black hiking boots. The woman had recently vacationed in Hawaii, and she wears black work boots when she goes out in the field on her job. Not having ever met her before, these were things I couldn’t possibly have known otherwise.

As far as my own personal group of “folks” go, sometimes the images go beyond the visual, and include physical sensations, like smell and touch. It’s similar to a memory, but a lot more intense, as if I’m actually right there experiencing it all right now. I’d chalk it up to really vivid memories, but unlike memories, these are things I haven’t done. It’s hard to describe in words, but it would be like having a flashback of something you never experienced in the first place.

I also hear a lot of stuff. One of the most popular means my “folks” have of getting my attention is through music and song lyrics. Usually, I’ll hear certain specific songs actually playing on real radios and stereos in places I’d never expect to hear them - like hearing Trini Lopez in the local Walgreens. Really, what are the odds of hearing Trini Lopez playing anywhere these days, much less in the local discount drugstore? (In case you’re wondering, my dad used to play Trini Lopez albums pretty regularly when I was a kid, many moons ago.)

My “folks” also LOVE playing around with the music on my iPod! Now, to understand this, you have to realize that I currently have well over 800 songs stored on my iPod. (Yes, I’m an addict!) A perfect example of this happened on the train ride from NYC to Rhinebeck for the October mediumship training weekend. I had my iPod set to randomly play every single song on it. The train happens to pass by Sing Sing Correctional Facility (aka Sing Sing), in Ossining, New York. To say that the place gave me a pretty creepy feeling would be an understatement. However, in an attempt to “lighten the mood” I suppose, someone thought it would be a good idea to make Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” the very next song to play on my iPod. Needless to say, the sense of humor and timing was not lost.

The other way I get the music “stuff” is in my head. Sometimes, an appropriate and meaningful tune, song name, or song lyrics will just pop into my head at just the right time - either connected to a person I’m talking with, a situation, or in answer to a question. Sometimes, I’ll get the name of a song I don’t even know. Other times, it’s like an earworm - I’ll hear the same two or three lines from a song over, and over and over and over… like the other day, when the same lines from “B├ęsame mucho” kept playing in my head, even though I’d only heard it once or twice before, and that was about 20 years ago. Imagine having this running through your head for a few hours! I know exactly who it came from, too. Sometimes, it’s just funny! My “folks” have a great sense of humor, and they seem to know when I need a good laugh.

It works differently for different mediums, but that’s a bit about how it all “works” for me, personally.

Thank you Carol for allowing me to share a little about you. I want to bring more of my "medium" friends to my blog to share their experiences. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Previous lives

I'm not sure what your view may be on this topic, but I do believe I've lived and died before. After my reading with Sylvia Browne, she told me I've had 48 previous lives and this was my last. She validated one of my previous deaths that I was burned at the stake and I lived in England. I lived my life as a midwife. I was considered a witch, hah! Somehow I knew this...
Do you recall any lives you may have lived?

I "see" myself in this lifetime as a blind elderly woman, so I asked Sylvia about it. She told me no, I would be sane and get around good when I'm older. But that I had been an Indian Shaman in a previous life and was indeed blind when I got older.

She told me about my brother's previous lives and why he allows his fears to cripple him, mentally in this lifetime. I think past life hypnosis would be ideal for him. I did repeat what she told me about him to him and he found it amazing.

Please share what your ideas on this topic are. Peace!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Do you know a child who has an invisible friend? Do you know a child who doesn't talk but seems to understand you, like he/or she can listen to your thoughts? What about a child who is a loner, doesn't have any friends and is withdrawn?

I think it is important as parents to reach out to children and let them know that they are ok. That what they are going through will pass. But most importantly that they are loved and allowed to be who they were born to become.

"Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not for you,
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you can not visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might that His arrows
may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
for even as He loves the arrow which flies,
so He loves also the bow which is stable." K.Gibran

As an adult I am both daughter and mother, with adult children.
I have allowed my children to be who they are. But I must admit
it was difficult when they were teenagers. But their will to become
who they were meant to be was stronger than my will to make them
what I wanted them to be.

Isn't that true with you and your parents? Did you struggle to be who you were meant to be?

I believe that if your child can "see" invisible people, they can! It is our unwillingless to allow them to be who they are, that can come between are G*d given birthright. The thread that
connects us to where we came from "spirit". I truly am a "spirit" having a human existence and so are you.

More and more children are being born "psychic" or with "healing" powers that are stronger than those that came before. If we can let go of the fear, and allow them to be who they are. They will help the earth, they were born to do so. They were born for greatness.

I'd love to hear your comments. Peace!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My invisible friend

When I was a little girl I had a friend her name was Jade. She would play with me and listen to me when I had aches and pains. I never realized she wasn't "real" until my brother told me that, I was crazy. My mom didn't care whether I had a army full of invisible friends, I was her 7th child and she had her arms full.
One day as I grew up, she disappeared from my sight into my ear. I no longer was able to see her, but could hear in my mind. It turned out she was my Spirit Guide.
Do you recall your invisible friend?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reading - Update

I got a call this afternoon from Sylvia Browne's office. My reading has once again been rescheduled.
It's this Sunday. I can't tell you how excited I am.
After waiting three years its finally gonna happen this Sunday. Tomorrow I'm getting all my questions in order.
I just hope I don't run out of time. I want to say so much about how I admire, respect her. How I appreciate what she does. How I can't imagine all the hate she gets from non-believers only because of the little hate I've received from non - believers. How I understand how that hurts but she is still and will always be to me, the greatest psychic in my world. But I won't waste a minute to express my gratitude to her, because of the precious time I have letting her give me a reading.
Afterward I will send her a note. Gosh I wish we could become best friends. I hope I don't cry.
Oh yah and Wendy suggested that I used my Flip video camera to record my questions and maybe click on the speaker on my cell phone, hmmm.
Have you had a psychic reading?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sylvia Browne reading

My name came up to the top of her 3 year list. My appointment was January xx., but was postponed till February xx. I have all my questions written and I'm looking forward to getting a reading from the best in the psychic business.
I just know I will be amazed. Have you ever had a psychic reading? Was it everything you hoped and more?