Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Baby

Here she is my first bracelet made with a crystal quartz point. I love this bracelet and it is not for sale. It feels comfortable on my wrist. I have 5mm jet ab swarovski crystals dangling from the chain.

I just know all the other points will look great in this bracelet style.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Third Eye Pendant

A pendant I made last evening after I ate dinner. I was full of energy when I woke up yesterday morning. But came crashing down around 11am. By 3:00pm I really could have fell asleep at my desk. I started drinking lots of water. I was exhausted. I picked up a yummie salad at Trader Joe's because I wanted to design a new jewelry piece. I hadn't made anything in a few days.

Smoky quartz with swarovski amethyst crystals. 16" Length small vintaj chain. I share my designs with love. I get to come home tonight to create another piece. I want to make a bracelet to share. We'll see.

Are you my fan?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spirit Development class

Since October 2006 I've wanted to belong to a spirit development class. All the folks that I met at the Omega Institute in New York for an advanced mediumship class were meeting on a weekly basis. I would hear about it and always felt left out. Could someone do one online was always in the back of my mind. Finallllllly my thoughts had been answered.

Photo taken at Rhinebeck campus on the way to the cafeteria one morning.

I left work last evening and stopped to pick up dinner for my son and me. I was excited about my spiritual development class at 7:00pm. I didn't tell either son about it, although my husband knew. When I arrived home no one was there awwh I was secretly relieved and thanked my spirit guide Jade.

I ate my dinner while watching the Young and the Restless. I'm hooked!

I lit candles and pulled the cushion over to my jewelry corner so I could put my feet up while I was in class. I made sure I could log into the class online. At 6:56pm, I dialed in. I had my iphone earplugs with speaker in my ears and Blythe greeted me.

Did I say this was an online spiritual development class being held on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 10pm for 10 weeks for only $300.00?
There was one other student in the class so boy are we getting our monies worth!

We introduced ourselves and then the 1st exercise was sending and receiving a shape. (circle, square, star or triangle)
2nd exercise was sending and receiving an object attached to an emotion with no preset objects or emotions.

We then did a meditation where Blythe cleared our chakras and grounded us. During this I felt my body needing to wiggle as the crown chakra showered my entire body.
She then preceded to guide us into a meditation where me met our "self doubt", "inner child" and our "higher self". I had never did a meditation before where what you see and receive during a meditation will have meaning to your spiritual and human "needs". I met my higher self and I looked like a light being with slanted eyes and two little nose holes and no mouth! I gave myself a clear quartz crystal too!

As always with guided meditations I never want to come out of it. I slept lightly last night because I wanted to remember my dreams so I could write them down and bring them to class next Tuesday. I forgot them but I remembered a few words so I wrote them down.

I want to share my class in this blog. Not only for those of you that read it, but so I have a journal. I am always evolving as a spirit and a human being. In love and light!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More crystal shopping

I was fortunate enough to go into a stone and mineral shop in Vacaville, CA. I purchased a few aqua aura crystal clusters, smoky quartz points, a red sellenite for myself, a abalone shell for photos, quartz crystal points and manifestation crystals.
I didn't know what a manifestation crystal was so I googled it.

"Manifestation crystals are amongst the most beautiful, powerful and sought after of all quartz formations. Perfectly formed double terminated crystals float magically within the geometric world of their mother.

"The Manifestation crystal is recognized by a small crystal totally enclosed within a larger crystal, and they are very rare. The use of the manifestation crystal requires the inner knowledge that one is a clear and perfect channel, that a pure white light provides the guiding way, and that the purity of the Divine is within the inner self. They can also be used to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, and to increase or decrease any aspect of ones life."

"Manifestation crystals are quite rare. If there is something one wishes to manifest, the relevant questions are: "Do I really want this?" - "Are there reasons that I may not want this?" Quotes from "Love is in the Earth", used with kind permission."

I'm anxious to make jewelry with these crystals and to take photos of them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spirit Development Class

Are you interested in taking a spiritual development class, I have just the one for you and all you need is a computer connected to the internet. Yes!!!! it is online. How cool is that?

This 10 WEEK class is designed to provide a basic but hearty introduction to the world of metaphysical spirituality and how it can greatly influence your personal growth. You will be offered the opportunity to begin the healing work of deep wounds, both known and unknown, and through this work experiencing the gift of opening your own intuition and higher consciousness more fully and deeply. My goal as your teacher is to empower YOU to more fully realize the truth of who you are and help you to actualize that truth.

Some Topics We Will Cover
-Channeling, Mediumship, Psychic Ability, & Intuition.
-Chakra’s and their extensive role in our lives
-Crystals and why they are a part of our spiritual journey
-Empowerment, Truth, & Heart Centered Living
-The Power of Sound
-The Higher Self

What We Will Do:
-Guided Meditations for Growth and Healing Channeled by Blythe
-Automatic Writing
-Getting to Know Your Higher Self
-Gong & Crystal Bowl Healing
-Exercises for Intuition
-Dream Analysis

All members of the class will be given the opportunity to share, create, work together, and receive valuable insights into their own path through the eyes of the teacher as well as their fellow students.

This is a 10 week class meeting each Tuesday at 7:00pm
Cost is 350.00 which includes a book and a crystal. A 75.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space.

Class is limited to 10 students and PREREGISTRATION is required.
Please e-mail me at to register.

At the conclusion of the 10 weeks you will be given the option to continue on in this spiritual development class or to pursue channeling class. All students wishing to move on to channeling class will be chosen at my discretion.

I know that I've been wanting to be in a spirit development circle since I went to New York to take the advance mediumship class with James Van Praagh (that was a few years back). All the "cool" circles were back East.

Finally the universe has granted my desire, I'm really excited about taking this class. If you've been interested in developing your spiritual gifts, you should check it out.

It is going to be great!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ruby Aura Crystal

Yesterday my sister and I went to Berkeley, CA USA in search of crystal points. We went to Stone Crazy on Shattuck and I bought a beautiful Labradorite pendant. A few stores down is the awesome Baubles and Bead store where I purchased 4mm swarovksi crystals to accent my new metaphysical line. My sister asked them if they knew of a place to buy crystal points and they said Rocks and Beads on Telegraph.
So off to Telegraph we went and had to find a parking space. The street was busy with people as always, street vendors, lots of dogs. I took video which I post later to my youtube. One lady did not appreciate it and told me that I was rude. The guy in Rocks and Beads didn't mind at all. (kinda cute too :) I purchased some lemon quartz, opal and smokey.
I took my sister home and we told my brother the story about the "rude comment" and he said, " she was Wrong! on the street it is public." I had thought the same thing but I was taking video of the jewelry she was selling. I hope I got her on video!
When I returned home I had two packages in the mailbox.

Ruby Aura, Tangerine Aura, Titanium, Diamantina, Aqua Aura.

Clear quartz, Champagne aura, Smokey Champagne Aura, Aqua Aura

I was anxious to get started and picked up the Ruby Aura crystal and made this necklace.

Metaphysical properties of the Ruby Aura
Cleanses the base chakra of old survival issues and abuse, bringing in passion and vitality, and activates the wisdom of the heart. This is a protective crystal against aggression and violence. In healing, Ruby Aura benefits the endocrine system and is a natural antibiotic for fungal infections and parasites.
- The Crystal Bible

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Metaphysical Jewelry

Good morning. I wanted to write about what's going on with House of Raquel jewelry hmmm maybe I'm on the wrong blog page. I've incorporated my jewelry designs to the other side of me. I am thinking about canceling my House of Raquel blog and just have this one.
The metaphysical jewelry is attracting people's eye. I didn't know that the night I was meeting a new friend (Jac) at Mystic store in Walnut Creek that my jewelry designs were going to change. While we were checking out all the cool stuff they offered I purchased one of their 3 aqua aura crystals that caught my eye. I also purchased some "abundance" candles. I liked the way they smelled. :)
After creating that piece

and posting it to my fan page on facebook it attracted people's eye. When I posted it I wrote that this one was mine but I would be making more. My friend Jac bought the second piece. When I went back to the Mystic store to buy the last one it was gone. So I've located a few on the internet. I'm waiting impatiently for those to arrive.

The next morning while eating my oatmeal and checking into facebook. I saw Denise mention she was on twitter and to follow her. I was already a fan. But I hadn't follow her on twitter. I prefer FB to twitter. I don't use twitter much, do you? While driving to work Jade (my spirit guide) told me to connect to Denise on twitter. So I did. I saw she was selling her book and purchased it. She was sending me messages that she loved my pieces and asked me if I would be interesting in her carrying my line on her website. I was overwhelmed and high as the sky.

We talked that evening on my way home from work. I pulled my car over. I explained to her that my line was new and I didn't have many pieces - NONE was more like it. That was okay with her cause the page for it wasn't ready yet and that it would be about 2 weeks.
Ok so look forward to that happening in a few weeks. She also has a new book coming out about the same time.

The Messenger by Denise Lescano - Excellent! A page turner as Denise Lescano takes us through her life—love, heartache, doubt, hope and everything in between. Only to realize later that her many antagonists and challenges were also her greatest teachers. She is a gifted psychic medium with a story that will warm your soul.

Josie Varga
Author, Visits From Heaven

I've purchased mine and I can't wait to receive a signed copy . Coincidentally (I don't believe in coincidences) she is a friend of my friend Rachel. I am blessed. Rachel had suggested to become a fan of Denise's a while ago.

As I design these pieces my abundance candles are burning. hmmmm I am also infusing them with healing reiki energy. Denise's assistant was going to do it but when I told her I was a Reiki II practictioner, she told me I could do it. She had attuned my friend Rachel and guess what Rachel attuned me to Reiki II a few years back. hmmmm

My intention was to get them on my website and eventually I will, but in the meantime I am taking orders for all my fans if you would like to order a piece. Just know that I have to fill my order to Denise first. I would gladly add you to my waiting list.

I am open to what the universe wants to give me. I am filled with gratitude and love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's been a good while since I've posted to The Other Side of Me. Many of you know that I have a side handcrafted jewelry business. Where I mainly USED sterling silver, chain and wire with swarovski crystals.

I'm excited to leave the sterling silver behind. Now I'm using vintaj antique brass findings and wire. I've always been in love with crystals and stones, so I'm taking my jewelry designs to the metaphysical. The other side of me. :)

When I go shopping for stones, I'm always curious what are their Healing and Attributes definitions. It amazes me how they resonate with my energy. The photos I'm going to post is a necklace where I used the stone - Amazonite.

The Crystal Bible written by Judy Hall defines this stone as:
"Heals and opens the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication. It also opens the third eye and intuition. The stone dissipates negative energy and blockages within the nervous system.
Attributes - Extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the etheric, maintaining optimum health.
Spiritually, an elixir of Amazonite is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness. The stone itself assists in manifesting universal love.

I wire wrapped the stone and added a chain drop with rose quartz, amethyst chip, along with a few swarovski crystals dangling from the chain. This piece is $40.00. All the photos are of the same piece.

The length of this necklace is 16" and extends to 18 1/2".

The length of the stone is 1 1/4" and the width is about 5/8".

You could also wear it from the backside. I love this finding. I also used the finding to make the earrings that match. They cost $15.00

I will be posting more of my jewelry designs on this blog and defining the meaning of the stones that I used. I hope you enjoy. I would appreciate your feedback.