Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another baby....

Yesterday amongst family and their friends I have predicted another baby is on his way. I met a friend of my cousin's and instead of me blurting it out that she was going to have a baby boy. I told her how good she was with children, while she was holding my cousin's 1 year old boy. She was patient and sweet while calming him down. She told me she was trying to get pregnant ah hah I said, you are going to have a baby boy. She looked at me and said what? My cousin chimed in and told her friend that I was psychic. (hmm ok) My sister than spoke and said that I could see babies coming. So the gal, let's call her Lucy (to protect her identity) said ok, but I was already to have a girl. I apologized and told her that I see a boy. She replied that she only had girls names picked out.

Let it be recorded here and I will let you know in a month or two or within a year's time the outcome.

I also found out yesterday that my cousin's daughter is expecting. I knew this about a year ago. I saw her pregnant with a baby girl. I did not ask what the sex of the baby was or if they knew yet. But when I found out I will post it here also. (Sandra) to protect her identity has 3 boys already.

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