Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want to share

A few of my friends and family have met Karen at my house. So I wanted to share this with you. Get a chance and watch her. I'm looking forward to "tivo" ing it.

I met Karen through a mutual acquaintance (Stacey) a gal who died during childbirth. She was coming to me with messages for Wendy. Wendy was very good friends with Stacey and had continued to be friends with Jami (Stacey's sister). Karen was also getting messages from Stacey.
This was way in the beginning of trusting my "hearing". So when Stacey told me her husband had remarried and was expecting a child (boy) Wendy was shocked and didn't believe it. Well sure enough he had remarried and his wife was expecting. They did have a boy. Karen wanted to meet me.
We met. Haven't kept in touch lately. I just received this from her office and wanted to share it. Karen has a business in Santa Rosa doing readings, speaking to groups and helping loved ones handle their grief.

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