Monday, March 1, 2010

Astrology Reading

On Friday I met a friend and a NEW friend at the Mystic Dream store in Walnut Creek. It is located across the street from Carlos Santana's restaurant Maria Maria. We met there to get an astrology reading.
My two friends went first and then it was my turn. I wish I had recorded it because I forgot everything up until the part about an male ancestor was guiding me with my jewelry business. He wanted me to know to that it was okay to call upon him for help. Also that he was helping me with showing my designs in public. There was also a woman along side of him.

This is my grandfather who I think I look like.

This is my grandmother who I was named after, Raquel Amaral. I never knew either one of them in my lifetime. However I always knew instinctively that my grandfather was around me when I was growing up. I was thrilled and excited to hear that his energy was assisting me in my business decisions.

I really wish I could remember what the rest of my astrology reading was about. The only other thing was that my moon was a Gemini Rising.

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