Saturday, July 26, 2008

X-Files - I want to Believe

I saw the movie last night. Did you? Want to talk about it?
The movie was creepy, but I LOVED IT!


More of me... said...

I did see it and loved that the 2 main characters were REAL in that at last emotion was brought to the front and their life together was explored...the ending I was very very disappointed in... and I was really deflated on the aspect of the deeper story line of it being an X_FILE...they just sort of dropped the ball! (in my die hard x-file fan opinion)

raquel roysdon said...

- Dropped the ball? The x-files never really answers the question. Always left it up to you, do you believe?
-I enjoyed it because of the "seer" "visionary". But I didn't enjoy that the "seer" was also a criminal.

Pansy said...

Dropped the ball in the sense that I wanted it to go deeper into the seer or the "do you believe" aspect...they had an entire film to do it in and I just felt that the part of the film was not taken to the level that they had done even in the tv-series.

I do agree with you...I saw little reason to depict the seer as a criminal.