Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You're having a baby.

I wanted the women who I "saw" their babies before they had even conceived to come forward to tell their story. But hmmm they haven't. So I will one story at a time. Stay tuned.

It was January maybe February of that year, someone that I worked with wanted to get pregnant. I told her that she would have a baby when the autumn turned to winter. That she would have a baby girl shortly before another gal in the office had her 2nd baby boy. She did have her girl that November and the other gal had her son in December. I think their children were 2 weeks apart.

I can "see" babies. I just get a knowing about it when I'm around you. I saw the gal's daughter age 7 years old with red hair, skinny and skating. I saw the other gal's two boys as teenagers in high school with their school sports jackets on, one a little taller than the other.

These children the little girl and little boy turned 1 last November and December.


Rebecca said...

Well that is quite a neat "thing" you are able to do-where were you when I was having babies...

Jenny Georgio-who said...

Wanna tell me when I can expect to have a baby?