Friday, May 30, 2008

Fearless Coach - Carol

I went into the meeting place and took a sit. Very excited my first meeting at the JVP Mediumship level 2 class. I flew all the way to New York. Took 3 planes and a car to get to the Rhinebeck Campus.
I met Carol and now I would like to share her with all of you. I am recalling this Carol so correct me if you remember it differently. She was energetic and very friendly. Her energy attracted alot of us to her.
We were in the same group but not partners unfortunately. Saturday evening, her and I went to another gal, Debbie's room. Who wasn't a medium, but recorded spirit voices. Debbie has been on Maury Povich. Carol had communicated with a fireman from the 911 tragedy on several occasions. So when it was Carol's turn to speak to a spirit. Yes Debbie recorded spirit voices!! Carol spoke to her fireman! He came through trying to sing a song. Incredible, do you remember that Carol? I remember scarying myself to death too and walking back to my cabin at night it was so dark. But what an great trip it was.

On the last day of this incredible weekend. Carol and I decided we needed to keep in touch with everyone in the group and created a group called Mediums R us.
I hope to bring you, my readers many of the practicing mediums from that group and their stories.
I've posted Carol's link under the Mediums R US on my blog. But here it is.
Photo - James Van Praagh and Fearless Coach Carol

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