Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mediums R Us


In October 2006 I completed my 2nd level of Mediumship with my instructor James Van Praagh and appx. 80 other students.
It was 3 days spent at the Omega Institute at the Rhinebeck Campus in New York.
I kept a journal of that trip. I am looking over it and would like to share.
*Properly grounded use the white light.
*Use your cords.
*Run the energy through chakras.
*Protect yourself
*Connect to your guides
*Go to your sacred space

Use your power to amplify, to hear, see & feel more.

I invited many of my friends from that phenomenal weekend to visit my blog. I look forward to their comments and yours.
Photobucket photo Me and James Van Praagh


Carol said...
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Carol said...

That was my deleted comment, because I wasn't logged in under my profile. DUHH!!!

I'm here!!! Love the picture of you and James! I've had my non-mediumship blogs on blogger for ages, so if you have Blogger questions, feel free to send me an e-mail.

The Muse said...

I know how important this part of your life is my friend...and I am happy to see you rejoicing in it :)