Thursday, September 18, 2008

Debit Card Fraud

I will be filing a police report today.

On Monday my husband went to our bank, Wells Fargo to cash his check, like he always does. Mine automatically gets deposited by my employer. The teller proceeds to tell him that his account is overdrawn ($2,000.00)He was shocked! The teller asks him if he purchased airline tickets? He responds NO!

He was taken out of the line and spoke to another employee at wells fargo. They reviewed our account and noticed a charge for $1 at Napster and $1.00 at Priceline. My husband calls me. I'm at work, and I begin thinking where oh where did I used my ATM card, Safeway, the nail shop, online ATT, on the phone with Geico insurance while I was at the golf course. Oh no!!!! It's not safe oh CRAP!

These charges are pending and so we wait and see if we have a fraud case or not.
Tuesday, Wednesday, I check my account online no charges. Today yes the Delta Airline charges are there. I call the WFB fraud line... They fax me a statement that I need to sign, stating I did not sign for these charges or give permission to any one else to use my card. I had to email the fax home to my husband to sign, he faxed it back to me from his work and then I faxed it to the WFB fraud department after I signed it. They also told me I need to file a police report.

Ok there happens to be one right next door to the office that I work in. But no, won't take the report because I don't live in the city. Ok... They did tell me what will happen once I file the report. They will contact the police department in the city of Connecticut where Delta airlines is located and give them the numbers off of my statement.

WFB will credit my account within 24hours. whew. My debit card was cancelled, our account is okay. Some same close it, some say its okay. When I spoke with the police office next door. She told me that this happened to her and she still uses her atm card. hmmm not sure what I'm going to do. But I used it all the time. I had it in my possession and cut it up.

Someone out there stole the numbers off my card and charged airline tickets with it. YOU will get caught! So ATM card holders and users beware.


Lady Lynn's Boutique said...

Oh Raquel! I am so sorry you had to go through this ordeal. Glad it turned out okay. Hope the person gets caught soon!

raquel roysdon said...

Still waiting for WFB to give me a "contingency credit".

The Muse said...

We had this happen on a Credit Card...someone had bought a ticket to Italy...!
We were floored! Oh I do hope all works out well...dis you get your contingency credit?

Lightningdan said...

I had this happen to me last week. I am STILL waiting for 'contingency credit'.. they were very happy to charge me overdraft fees and 'continuous level 2 overdraft fees' and send me threatening letters about closing my account though.

April said...

I know you wrote this a while back but if you don't mind, what happen with it. My Mom had a charge on her acount today with a 1$ charge pending from UOL*Netzero. Did some checking and it is not legit. It was charged off my Dads debit card. They flagged the account, canceled his card, and are waiting for it to clear so the bank can file the fraud charges. She is really confused how anyone got his number because his card ir rarely used. The only thing he uses it for it paypal and at gas stations and sometimes restaurants.