Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do I do a reading?

Have you ever given or received a reading?

I've received two readings one in person and one over the phone. The first one was a card reading. At the end of that reading she told me I had been burned by the stake in a previous life. I had already knew it intuitively. She said if I wanted to do a past life regression she could do it. I chose not to at that time.

My second reading was over the phone with Sylvia Browne. I waited 3 years for that reading. Have any of you had a reading by her? I would love to hear about it. I got a phone call from her assistant in December to let me know that my name had finally come up to the top. Her rate had increased from $600 for a half hour to $800 for a half hour and was I still interested? I took a deep breath it was December I thought I don't want to spend $800 for a reading right now. You must pay before they will book the appointment. I must be loca, crazy. I booked it.

Her assistant called again before the reading to let me know that there were a few questions I couldn't ask her. One I couldn't ask her to find anything lost. Second, I couldn't ask her to find anyone missing. Ok that wasn't one of my questions, good. But he told me to write down as many questions as you could think of. So I carried around a tablet and was always thinking about questions to ask? In February I spoke to Sylvia Browne. As far as I'm concerned she is the best in the Psychic Business, Amazing!

I've been asked a few times recently how do I do a reading so I wanted to address it on my blog.

I also accept payment when scheduling an appointment. My sister arranges all of my appointments. I also do not answer two questions, I will not tell you whether you or anyone you know has a terminal illness and whether someone is dying. I don't do this because I don't want to cause people G*d awful pain. I don't charge enough to do that, plus I am not a doctor.

I do my reading with the use of the computer. Using Instant Messenger, email and sometimes I will do a reading over the phone. My Spirit Guide directs me as to which way will work best for my client.

On the day of the reading I may get visits from loved ones who have crossed over anxious to communicate with my client. I will get names and pictures in my mind's eye while communicating with loved ones who have passed. I write it down so as not to forget. (They will not go away until after the reading and seriously won't let me forget. Sometimes while I am out and about and not doing a reading I will get visits from spirits that want to communicate. They can be annoying and loud.)

I will start the reading with the messages from a loved one or two. I will ask you if this is familiar to you. I will ask questions about what I'm getting in order for me to make sure that I have connected to your energy. I will be directed by my spirit guide to your spirit guide. In doing this I can "see" what is going on in your world. After I am done telling you what I "see", I will ask you if you have any questions. I will answer them as I'm being guided by spirit.

During the reading Spirit might bring up friends and family in your life who have issues. I may ask to communicate to your friends or family for spirit. If this is the case I do not charge for that. It will be up to you to communicate with your friend or family member that I would like to give them a reading.

I enjoy receiving feedback from my clients. They will email me to say I met that guy, I got pregnant, now what am I having etc... I have to say I don't retain the reading on the computer or in my head. So when I said oh Did I tell you that you were going to meet someone I apologize to you that I don't remember it. But I am always appreciative for your feedback.

I love doing readings. I always thank my spirit guides and the spirits who have crossed over. I hope this helps you to understand How I do a reading.

P.S. The more open you can be during a reading from any "psychic, medium, seer" the easier it is for the energy to flow.


Menopausal New Mom said...

Wow Raquel, I didn't know you could do reading but I guess I should have guessed. Sounds so interesting, on another note, I was doing some photos around my house the other day for my Wednesday This Old House posts and photographed an orb in front of one of my fireplaces. Didn't see it until I downloaded the photos. OUr house was built in 1891. If you remember, check on Wednesday, I'll be posting the photo. Hope you're having a great weekend!

raquel roysdon said...

ok Wednesday I'll check it out.

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