Thursday, February 19, 2009

Previous lives

I'm not sure what your view may be on this topic, but I do believe I've lived and died before. After my reading with Sylvia Browne, she told me I've had 48 previous lives and this was my last. She validated one of my previous deaths that I was burned at the stake and I lived in England. I lived my life as a midwife. I was considered a witch, hah! Somehow I knew this...
Do you recall any lives you may have lived?

I "see" myself in this lifetime as a blind elderly woman, so I asked Sylvia about it. She told me no, I would be sane and get around good when I'm older. But that I had been an Indian Shaman in a previous life and was indeed blind when I got older.

She told me about my brother's previous lives and why he allows his fears to cripple him, mentally in this lifetime. I think past life hypnosis would be ideal for him. I did repeat what she told me about him to him and he found it amazing.

Please share what your ideas on this topic are. Peace!

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Meggie said...

I never gave much thought to reincarnation before I was 50. I mean, it's not a subject that comes up much in Sunday School, right? That is until I read the book, Many Lives, Many Masters. Now, why in the world would I read a book like that? Evidently something about the subject rang bells of truth to me. I wonder why we can't remember them all by ourselves? Wouldn't you think remembering past history/lives could benefit us somehow? In my corner of the world, past life hypnotists and psychics aren't exactly "out there" for us to make an appointment with. You're so fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Sylvia Browne. I've only just started reading her. -Megan-