Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Am I a psychic?

I believe we were all born "psychic." Some with strong psychic abilities like Sylvia Browne, some not so strong. Just like a piano prodigy, some play like Mozart and some for their own entertainment.
I called myself a "seer." I see energy around and on and your body, I can see if you will have children in the next year. I can see if there is a certain someone coming into your life, I can communicate with energies that have crossed over. I can communicate with new born babies up to (so far) a year.
I am able to read this energy by communicating with you, on the computer or on the phone and also in person. If you have a piece of jewelry, picture, scarf, hair braid, I am able to read the energy from it.

I have no "sight" about myself or my closest family members. I believe you can be trained to become psychic. Just the little bit of interest and you can open up your G*d given link. Yes I believe psychic ability is a tube of energy that comes from G*d. The more you practice the more it opens up, like a muscle.

I've taken two classes from James Van Praagh, Basic Mediumship and Advanced Mediumship. From the first class I learned to let go of the fear of being wrong and ridiculed. The second class I learned that there are many ways you can be psychic, some I've mentioned.

In the first class held in Southern California there was a man there who's wife had recently passed away and he wanted to learn to communicate with her. By the end of the weekend, that man stood up in front of 100 students and was communicating with her. Most of us were in tears watching him.

In the second class held at the Omega Institute in upper New York state, at the end of the class 100 students stood in a healing circle. James did a healing meditation with all of us. Wow the energy was incredible. I met alot of people from weekend that I keep in touch with.

For the record, I don't believe our spirit has a color. I do believe our spirit guides are men or women. I believe that Angels never carnated into life on earth. I believe I've been both male and female in 47 other lifetimes. I believe their is a universal language and that we are also able to communicate by thought too.

I no longer do readings for free. Sylvia helped me understand that I have a gift of value.


Meggie said...

So interesting. You answered the questions I had asked you earlier. I love James VanPraagh's books. The first book I bought was "Ghosts," which I thought, when I bought it, was a book for entertainment purposes only. Man oh man was I ever wrong. Since that time I've purchased several other books of his. I've never met him in person, like you have. But I credit him for actually changing my life in mid-steam, so to speak, and the way I look at every single thing these days. I'm still reading and learning as I go. My sister (who lived in California for many years, although, like me, is from Arkansas) turned me onto Syliva Browne's books. She told me that everyone, simply everyone in CA has their charts read. "Charts? You mean like astrology charts?", I asked her. She sent me in search of answers in the form of Sylvia Browne's books. I'm learning lots from your site as well. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. By the way, if I had a gift like yours, I wouldn't do "free" readings either. Typing seems to be my gift (much to my dismay) but I don't do it for free either. -Megan-

Meggie said...

I hope you know that my last post wasn't a dig at anyone's faith. It's just me, still trying to find my purpose in this lifetime. I would never try to cram religion down anyone's throat. Never. My posts are rather a way for me to stand outside of myself and look internally at my own feelings, good or bad, and evaluate them.