Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anne Marie

I love to know about how other people "see" or "read." I've been asking people that I know if they would be interested in telling people about themselves and Anne-Marie has kindly allowed me to ask her a few questions about her ability. I hope you enjoy it and maybe it may help someone. I will first post the questions that I asked Anne-Marie. Then you will read her responses underneath it.

What type of psychic ability do you have?
How old were you when you discovered this?
Are any of your family members psychic? Did you inherent this ability?
Were you ever afraid to let others know about your gift(s)?
Do you also believe in God?
Do you have a website?

I have been blessed with many gifts- I see and hear spirits. I'm a psychic empath so have to be careful with my aura and the people I surround myself with. I was born into a psychic family 6th generations that I know about. My mother is still a practicing medium. We used to large shows in the UK together giving survival proof of lost loved ones. I've done some radio shows both here and in the Uk and featured in the popular press ( UK). I've been reading since 1982.

Yes, I don't always tell people about my gifts-sometimes people think I can read their mind- or put a spell on them, or work for the devil. I operate in love and light and don't believe in any fear based beliefs. Sometimes- it's easier not to go there- as I don't want to defend my beliefs- they are my own- nor do I want to explain myself to others who are not open to love & light. Each to his own- I accept others where they're at and try to meet them where they're at and don't want to convert them to my beliefs. We're all exactly where we're meant to be! I respect all religions and people right to choose.

I have &

I do believe in God- not in as a man who sits on a throne- as the universal life source energy.

love, light & chocolate

I found her answers so refreshing and honest. Do those of us who have these sort of abilities all feel the same way? I know I sure can relate. Thank you so much Anne.

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