Friday, February 6, 2009

Reading - Update

I got a call this afternoon from Sylvia Browne's office. My reading has once again been rescheduled.
It's this Sunday. I can't tell you how excited I am.
After waiting three years its finally gonna happen this Sunday. Tomorrow I'm getting all my questions in order.
I just hope I don't run out of time. I want to say so much about how I admire, respect her. How I appreciate what she does. How I can't imagine all the hate she gets from non-believers only because of the little hate I've received from non - believers. How I understand how that hurts but she is still and will always be to me, the greatest psychic in my world. But I won't waste a minute to express my gratitude to her, because of the precious time I have letting her give me a reading.
Afterward I will send her a note. Gosh I wish we could become best friends. I hope I don't cry.
Oh yah and Wendy suggested that I used my Flip video camera to record my questions and maybe click on the speaker on my cell phone, hmmm.
Have you had a psychic reading?

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The Muse said...

Sure hope your anticipated appointment is still on track R :)

And i am glad you are feeling wonderfully excited!