Monday, February 23, 2009

Ok so have you ever pondered?

What color is your spirit, soul? If you are white does that mean your spirit is white? If you're black does that mean your spirit is black? Or what about the sex of your spirit, if you are a man then does that mean your spirit is a man? And if you believe in reincarnation and lived many lives some as a man and some as a woman, does that mean that your spirit is the sex of your last life lived?

Ok now have you ever pondered what language does your spirit talk? Would it be the last language you spoke? Or is there a universal spirit language?

Or do you believe that when you die that's it, finito, no spirit, no color, no sex, no language.

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Meggie said...

Very interesting questions. For some reason I see my spirit guide as that of a man, a white man. Guess why? It came to me in a recent dream. In the dream I was walking upstairs, inside my house, when I suddenly noticed a man behind me. Although he never spoke out loud, he sent me the message that his name was Richard. Sylvia Browne says you can ask to see your spirit guide in a dream (and I had asked). So, having no other point of reference, I will say that my spirit guide is a man named Richard. Why a man? I guess for strength, because I'm generally very reckless. Always have been. I don't want to believe I was ever a man in a past life,(nothing against men, I just can't picture myself as one) but I probably was. I've tried to see my aura, and the aura of others, but so far I've had no luck. But I'm only just beginning. What about you? You didn't say what you thought. And by the way, do you feel psychic? I see predictions on your website, which I think is very cool, by the way. If you are, what kind of psychic are you? Do you hold something that belongs to the person you are reading or do you see by your senses? Just very curious.