Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where is my crystal?

Where is my crystal? I found it. I keep this one separate from the rest. After touching these crystals and now touching my laptop. Well my laptop is freaking out.

This is my meditating crystal. Well it used to be. I no longer use any crystals or cards. But I keep them around me. This one has 3 rainbows in it.

While my children were enrolled at a christian school learning that I was "evil". Knowing that I was a loving mother. I was passionate about crystals, runes, sage, incense. I collected crystals and crystal jewelry. My youngest son eventually threw away many of my Life after Death and meditating books, incense, runes. My crystals weren't in his way. Even to this day he doesn't see a need for what I do and doesn't want to hear about it. I respect that.

Rose Quartz, the heart crystal. You hold this crystal with two hands and pour your heart into it. Then you hand it to someone with your right hand (I believe). When they hold it they will fill up with the love you have. Crystals have the power to pulsate your hands and even the room you're standing in.
Once over a friend's house she had a rose quartz sitting on her mantel. I held in my hands and handed it to her. She could feel the energy from the beautiful rose quartz. She had many more crystals and we enjoyed the energy from each one. The room we were in began to pulsate and we became scared so we stopped. I wasn't sure how or why that happened, I just figured it was from the crystals.

I recognize one to be an amethyst quartz crystal. Can anyone tell me what the others are? I can't locate my crystal bible.
I traded all my crystal jewelry for a large brandy glass where I hold the majority of my collection. I keep it by a large window in my living room. Many of my larger crystals sit on the windowsill.

The large brandy glass of crystals attracts little children. They love to touch the stones. It's interesting to see the ones they choose to hold. Each stone has a meaning for your body, mind and spirit. It's very interesting.

I purchased this deck and have enjoyed giving many people readings. But I always felt with this deck that a person didn't need me. This deck comes with a book. Whatever cards match, you just read the card's meaning from the book. With that said, it was amazing how accurate the matches were. Very entertaining at parties.

Like I said I don't use the crystals, cards, runes any more. I now just "see", "listen" to my guides. I still on occasion will burn incense and sage. Why? To remove the energy of people who have been in my house.

Yet another story about my life's journey to who I am today.


Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Raquel, thanks for the introduction to crystals. I've never really given them or cards much thought but still find both interesting.

As for recognizing the two crystals you asked about, I haven't a clue. The amethyst one certainly was pretty though.

Laura Rose said...

crystals can definitely mess up a computer. you must be a powerful conduit if it's just the energy left from you hands! :)