Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Was it a lucky guess....

Let me back up before going forward. On September 11, 2009 I wrote about an orb. A picture that I took in a house we were staying in while at a golf tournament. I had reason to believe that there was a spirit in this house. The picture of the orb confirmed it for me. I blogged about it on that day.

Today I received a comment from JAM with a link to a picture that she had with an orb. Here is the conversation between JAM and me.

Jam said" I take lots of digital pictures and that has happened to me on a few occasions. I've always been annoyed that they usually have wrecked a good picture. I never knew what caused it.

Check out a post that I had with a picture of an orb. (2nd picture down) Do you think it was dust on my camera... or a spirit? We were talking about people who had died. Okay, now I'm a little freaked out!

(Jam gave me the link to her blog where the picture was posted and has allowed me to tell this interesting little story.)

Here is my reply to her after looking at the picture. "Jam, Has your mother passed? I'm feeling it is a maternal female, like your mother." I've looked at orbs in pictures before. Recently a co-worker shared photos that had a rain shower full of orbs which I will share on another day. This was the first time I was getting any "feelings" about an Orb.

She replied with, "Raquel, thanks for answering so quickly. My mom is still around and no one close to me has passed recently. The couple (pictured) were old friends of my husband's who were over for dinner that night. The gentleman to the left of the orb had recently lost his daughter AND his ex-wife. We were talking about both of them that evening.

Are orbs good energy or bad?

Well I thought to myself I do not know. What a very good question. Does anyone have any comment about that question?

Then I heard in my 3rd eye hole (that is what I call the place where I receive messages from Spirit) the name Carly, Karen, Carol was being told to me to relay to JAM about who was the Orb.

Ok so that everyone understands where I'm at and what's going on.

There was a time when I was "afraid" to share my messages because I didn't want to be wrong. I also didn't want people to think I was nuts. I'm over it, thanks to James Van Praagh mediumship classes and so many spirits who I have communicated with and relayed messages to their loved ones.

Everyday I protect and ground myself. At the moment this was happening I was in my office working on reconciling bank accounts. I work in an accounting department to make a living. However I am passionate about designing and selling jewelry, House of Raquel and this blog is the other side of me. The "seer". I was not prepared to communicate with spirit while I was at my office. It's easier to "see, hear, feel" when I prepare myself with breathing exercises to open myself up to it. Having said that, let me continue.

Here is my next email, "Does the name Carly Karen Carol ring a bell to you?"

Here is Jam's reply, "Carly Karen Carol does not ring a bell. But "Karen" does.

Karen holds a very dear, dear place in my heart. She is my husband's cousin who passed away in 2005 from breast cancer at the age of 51. An amazing and caring woman who is missed by so many...

I found another picture with an orb. Not as large and not as visible. It's a picture of my sister (on the left) and me (on the right). The small orb is to the left of me.

To all of you reading this, Have you looked at your photos lately. Do you notice an Orb and wondered what the heck is that? Your loved ones who have crossed over are still around you. Do you feel them?


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Raquel... oh my, had no idea I was interrupting you at work yesterday with our e-mails! Loved the discussion though. I have hundreds of digital photographs stored in my computer, but I knew I had seen orbs in at least a couple of them. I thought it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. But actually it was very easy. I went to the ones where I knew that spiritual energy would be. Found them right away. And I feel like I answered my own question. The energy in my photographs is definitely, good, loving energy. Thanks again for taking the time from work to talk with me. I did a post about this today too. You can check it out here...


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

And to answer your question, "Was it a lucky guess..."

Definitely, no.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Raquel, I just found your blog through JAM and am now a follower. I have actually seen what appeared to be an orb (I just left a comment about that experience on JAM's latest post). Do you know of anyone else who has been able to see orbs or balls of light in person?

Laura Rose said...

In my experience orbs are spirit energy. If your intention is pure, the orbs will be also. My hubby got tons of orbs outdoors one vernal equinox. They're on the purple rose facebook page. (and no, it was not snowing at the time!) love & blessings, Laura

Chic Gal said...

I'm so glad I read this article. I was bothered with a pesky orb that seemed to always show up when I took photos of my son in the front foyer of our house. I thought it was bad lighting. After reading this, I think it is his Dad. Wish I knew for sure.