Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you curious?

Are you curious about when did I know that I had grown up and could communicate with spirit? It has been a life long journey and the first time that I really started was in 2000=2001. I began a new job, 8 to 5 and less stress. I started making my own jewelry so my creative side of my brain was once again flowing.

John Edward had TV show called Crossing Over (I think) and that show fascinated me. Watching him connect to the other side and making people cry, especially me just felt right to me. I knew I could do this and I wanted too.

John Edward's website click here

I purchased his set of CDs If you are seriously interested in developing your psychic ability I recommend them.

I would meditate in the morning before getting up to go to work. My body would become so numb during the meditation, but I found that I could connect to spirit this way. I would also listened to John Edward's CDs every day driving to and from work. A friend at work, Wendy was open and supportive of my ability. She also enjoyed watching John Edward's Crossing Over TV show.

Shortly after purchasing the CDs, I connected to a friend of Wendy's who had crossed over during child birth. Her name is Stacy and she told me that her husband had remarried and was expecting a child, a boy. The boy was the spirit that she had lost. Wendy was fascinated with this and reconnected to Jami, Stacy's sister. They did not believe that Stacy's husband would remarry. It took a day or two but Jami was able to contact Stacy's husband. He had remarried! Yes! his wife was pregnant. Later to find out it was a boy.

I had little to no support from anyone else, a lonely journey that I didn't want to many people to know about because I didn't want people to think I was crazy. Until I went to my first James Van Praagh basic mediumship class in Laguna Beach, CA. His class had a limit of 100 people. We learned to meditate and protect ourselves. I learned that I wasn't alone and I was ok, I wasn't crazy. I left that weekend feeling that I no longer cared what people thought of me and it was ok to be wrong.

The following day I went with Wendy to see John Edward's show in Sacramento. There were thousands of people and only a few got a reading. We weren't one of them either. But it was very enjoyable to see him in person.

Stay tuned for more stories about my journey...


Menopausal New Mom said...

Raquel, such an interesting post you did today. Thanks for the history on how you became interested in this. Also, I may just see if I can get a copy of those tapes. How fortunate you are to live where you can easily go to these seminars and shows! Thanks for sharing!

raquel roysdon said...

MNM - I was able to see John with an hour in the car. But both of the classes with James was with a plane ride, once in California, but the 2nd one was at the Omega Institute in NY. Once you are driven to open up Spirit will show you the way.