Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos - The Day of the Dead

I've only celebrated one of these days several years ago, I'm thinking in 2003 over at my cousin Ana's house in El Sobrante. Ana told me that there would be an altar and to bring photos of those who had passed away.

Today I do it again with this blog. I wasn't sure what the really meaning of the day is, just my interpretation.

To me, it's a day to remember family members who have crossed over and to celebrate their lives while on earth with us. So in 2003 I made a treasure chest because I will treasure them for the rest of my life. As I'm writing this tears are streaming day my face.

I went outside this morning and took my treasure chest out there with me, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee I opened it up, one by one I took out each photo and thought about that person and what they meant to me in my life. I guess one day I will end up as a photo, I guess we all will.

Here are my photos:

A treasure chest of my family who have crossed over.

Mary Hawks Bernard (sister in law)
B-November 21, 1941
D-January 10, 1962
Gilbert Hernandez - cousin
B- August 18, 1957
D-March 16, 1974
Refugio Hernandez - Maternal Grandfather
B- January 1, 1899
D-August 22, 1932
Lorenzo Amaral - My Father
B- November 12, 1926
D -March 8, 1962
Antonio Mojico Amaral - My Paternal Grandfather
B - October 11, 1868
D - October 4, 1939

Raquel Saldivar Amaral - My Paternal Grandmother and whom I was named after.
B- November 21, 1888
D-November 1, 1960
Jess Bowman Roysdon - Father in Law Agatha Susan Meo Roysdon - Mother in Law
B - March 26, 1912 B-July 28, 1914
D- December 29, 1993 D-February ?, 1977
Josefa Orozco - My Maternal Grandmother
B - September 22, 1897
D- August 24, 1958
Tony Orozco - My Uncle
B-May 4, 1923
D-Sept 8, 2000
The orange tags (photos I need to put in here)
Mario Camargo - D-August 13, 2002 (cousin)
Helen Barone Amato B- Sept 16, xxxx D-March 28, 2000 (Nana)
Diane Keiser B-September 14, 1934 D - December 21, 1999 (Grandmother to Jennie's kids)
Jose Manual Amaral B-February 28, 1924 D-May 14, 1988 (Uncle)
Laura Hernandez Villa B-April 24, 1929 D-September 30, 2003 (Aunt)

Mary Hernandez Orozco B-November 8, 1922 D-October 11, 2004 (Aunt)
Jess Orozco B-May 10, 1931 - August 31, 2009 (Uncle)

Hay - Our cat who passed away this year.

To all my loved ones who have passed I celebrate YOU today.

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Every year my husband and I talk about celebrating Dia de los Muertos. We haven't yet, but it seems like such a wonderful way to remember our loved ones who have passed. I love the idea of having a treasure chest that you can open up and the memories spill out.

I also posted a comment on your last post about the orbs... I'm curious what you think.