Friday, November 13, 2009

I did not think

I would grow up and communicate with spirit.

As a child I thought my brother was always hiding in the closet. He would come out of it when I was lying in bed about to fall asleep and I would get scared. He was a practical joker that way and still is. It was not him.

I always knew that when we went to sleep our spirit would and did leave our bodies and back to the spirit world it would go. But as far as being psychic or communicating with spirit I wasn't aware that I could or even wanted too. I just knew I had a wild imagination and would tell stories to my nieces at bed time that would put them to sleep.

As a teenager, I remember going to my sister in law's house and meeting a girl friend of hers who was psychic telling me that I was. I never really thought about it much afterwards either. I didn't want to be psychic. I thought that was for the summer fairs. Those people were wierd. I just knew that I was very sensitive. I cried very easily and didn't care who teased me about it.

As an adult I loved crystals. I would meditate with them. One time my husband read how to meditate with crystals to me. Walking me through it. I went inside the crystal (yea I know that sounds crazy) as the meditation progressed I was suppose to open my eyes, which I did and there stood Moses. (Now you really think I've lost it?) I still have that crystal and Moses is there like an engraving.

The first night back at home from having my second child. I was lying in a twin bed in my baby's room asleep. My husband's mother showed up in the early dawn. I felt her presence in the room and it woke me up. I never physically met her. She had died from breast cancer before I knew my husband. She had come to visit her only grand child. I wasn't scared but after she was longer in the room I screamed for my husband. He came and thought I had just been dreaming.

A year later on my son's one year old birthday we took him to Chuck e Cheese. I remember we had a few balloons lingering in his room days after the celebration. My husband and I had been up talking in the living room reminiscing about the past. When I said remember last year when your mother stopped in for a visit. When suddenly one of the balloons in my son's room POPPED for no reason. Oh yes my husband had all kinds of scientific reasons (he is not a scientist) for it all of a sudden at that moment popping. I know it was his mother.

My search for spirituality continued with reading many books. I loved going to stores that sold crystals and candles and tarot cards etc.

to be continued....

I am looking to interview psychics, mediums, seers etc. Please let me know if you are interested.

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Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi Raquel, loved you post today and I too am sensitive, perhaps psychic. BTW, I received Jame's book today, the one you had told me about, Ghosts Among Us. I'll keep you posted!