Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I can remember

When I was a little girl how much I loved spending the day at the library. I would take one of my nieces or both and we would walk or get dropped off there. I would get lost in books. My favorites were the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls.
As an adult I took my children to the book store to pass on to them my love for reading. One of them downloads audio books to his ipod. The other one rarely if ever reads. But he enjoys spending a hour or two at the Borders book store while waiting to see a movie.

But now, after all these years, no more books for me. My overstuffed book shelf will no longer have another book stuffed into it.

My Kindle2 was delivered to me. Awww and I love it. I bought 3 books, Sylvia Browne, Lisa Williams and Paulo Coehlo. Did I say how much I love it.
Do you read?


Meggie said...

Well. What do you know. I've seen them advertised on Amazon, but had absolutely no idea what they were. Honestly, I still don't know how they work. Does it come with a set list of books you ordered or do they come via the Internet and you just download them? To tell you the truth, I have an MP3 player, and don't know how to download music into it. My husband has pretty much figured it out, so he fills my MP3 with whatever music I tell him I like. Still, whenever he does, we have to dig out the instruction booklet. I know. We're pitiful. The library. What would we do without it? Evidently mine and my mother's love for books was passed down to all three of my kids. My youngest, a son, reads more than any of us, but he won't even go to the library. Nope. He goes to Barns and Noble every chance he gets (and the closest one is an hour and a half north). Like I've mentioned before, we live in a small town. BTW: I've got a book by Lisa Williams (it's not borrowed either) called Life Among the Dead. has she written another book? Oh, and thank you for your nice remark about my knitted socks. I'm still pretty much a beginner, but I get better with every pair I make.

raquel roysdon said...

Yea with the Kindle you just click on the store and pretty much every book is available to purchase for $9.99 or less. It takes about 25 seconds and wala you can start reading it. Go to amazon.com and check it out. I think that was the book I got from Lisa. Love her, do you?

Meggie said...

Loved Lisa's book. I've shared it with my sister and a friend at work and then another friend at work, who then asked if she could loan it to her father. Thankfully, they were all book returners. At first the book sort of gave me the "chilly-willies," but I got over it. The author was interviewed on XM radio, that was the hook that pulled me in.

Jenny Georgio-who said...

I remember when my next door neighbors would babysit me every single Saturday while my parents worked. We'd always go to a bookstore and my mom always left me money to buy books! I could spend forever and a day inside a bookstore. I loved...well I still love the smell of new books. I hope that when I have children that they will enjoy reading as much as I do because its a great hobby to have! Sure as heck beats playing video games! My gosh, I remember the Little House on the Prarie books! Such great reads!