Monday, March 2, 2009

Laura Rose

Here is another interview with Laura Rose.

What type of
psychic ability
do you have? I am an intuitive medium. I'm able to communicate with spirit guides, angels, departed loved ones, animal helpers and nature spirits to bring forth loving guidance, messages and support. My gifts are an interesting blend of sight, hearing messages, and empathic ability.

Can you communicate with the dead? Yes.

Can you see people's spirit guides? Yes.

How old were you when you discovered this? I've had these gifts as a small child. As I grew these gifts were not honored and because of life's circumstances, I suppressed them. About eight years ago I felt a strong pull to reawaken my gifts and step forward to do this work.

Are any of your family members psychic? Yes. There are gifts running through both sides of my family. My mother is the strongest link and she's working with me in partnership from the other side.

Did you inherent this ability? Yes and it's my own, too!

Were you ever afraid to let others know about your gift(s)? As a child, yes. After they reawakened as an adult, no. I just knew this is what I'm now meant to do.

Do you also believe in God? Yes. I believe in a divine essence that incorporates the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

Do you do readings? Yes.

Do you have a website? Yes,


Laura Rose

The Purple Rose, LLC

2 Tunxis Rd., Suite 203

Tariffville, CT 06081


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Meggie said...

I'm in awe. I know that Sylvia Browne and James VanPraagh say we are all psychic. That may be true, but we aren't all given those special gifts you guys are. Someday I hope to find a psychic who can tell me more about myself. In the meantime, I continue to ask my spirit guide questions and hope I can hear an answer that I will understand. Somehow I feel like I'm getting closer...